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As a music venue, Effenaar has been committed to broaden programming in Eindhoven and supporting musical experiments for decades. A tradition that is built upon with Effenaar Lab. Since 2018, Effenaar Lab has realized various programs to investigate the possibilities of new technologies in collaboration with artists, tech companies, schools and educational institutions. The goal is to discover how these technologies can be applied within the music industry and how they can add value to the work of artists and the experience of music lovers. Effenaar Lab has grown into a unique place within the Dutch cultural sector: It is the lab where the application of new technologies in the music sector is investigated.

Due to the rapid developments and the often complex nature of new technologies, it is necessary to continue to develop and share knowledge in order to improve realized applications or create new applications. Below we share the findings of our programs, with which we want to inform and especially inspire others. In doing so, we hope to contribute to a wider awareness of the opportunities and challenges posed by new technologies. 


Hybrid Music Vibes



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