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Hybrid Music Vibes (English)

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With the Hybrid Music Vibes program, Effenaar Lab offers talents the opportunity to discover how new technologies can contribute to their artistry. Together they look for innovative ideas, new sounds and groundbreaking experiences. What technical possibilities are there and how can they strengthen their art? Through inspiring sessions with experts and worksessions, they explore the possibilities and are challenged to apply the new technologies in their work. At the end of the program, a select number of artists will have the opportunity to realize a concept with the support of Effenaar Lab and its partners.

In the spring of 2023, the second edition of Hybrid Music Vibes started with twelve talents; Belle and The Beats, Camilla Blue, DARKER, De Toegift, Hiigo, Julia Sabate, Jornt Duyx, Matheu Hinzen, Max Frimout, PXPLE JAZZ, Pyro and RHIANNIN. A diverse group of artists; from Dutch indie to Spanish pop, from electronic live compositions to activist up-tempo R&B.   

After the series sessions, the participating artists presented their concept to a jury and the general public. After an extensive assessment, five concepts were selected for the professional jury: Marnix van Gisbergen (Professor of Digital Media Concepts at BUas), Dennis Kirsch (Junior Lecturer- and Researcher at Fontys ICT), Marco Roelofs (programmer Poppodium Effenaar and singer Heideroosjes), Raynor de Groot (Coloray) and Stefan School (programmer Poppodium De Pul). Based on a public vote, one more artist received the opportunity to realize her concept. 

The six selected artists are: Hiigo, Julia Sabaté, Max Frimout, RHIANNIN, De Toegift and PXRPLE JAZZ. 

During the summer of 2023, they worked with Effenaar Lab and its partners on the realization of their concepts. The artists have used new technologies in their own way to create a new experience. The result is a variety of cool technological applications: from live shows that use AI to artwork that offers the audience access to a virtual world.

Watch the playlist with the six concepts

Hybrid Music Vibes #2

It is very important that we make the knowledge about what is possible available to artists. For me, it's also a kind of benchmarking; see how artists themselves think about this. Also because they are given the creative space, many original ideas arise.
Thijs Verhulst, Business Development Manager at Warner Music


In the aftermath of the pandemic, the Effenaar, with the support of Innovatielab and Stichting Cultuur Eindhoven, was able to realize the first edition of Hybrid Music Vibes. Sixteen talents from the region were invited to explore the hybrid world. In a series of five knowledge sessions, the artists learned about the use of new technologies, experimented with various techniques, and were given the opportunity to realize their own concept. We aimed to offer the talents new possibilities for expression, and thus the establishment of a new relationship with the audience. 

Almost all artists who participated in Hybrid Music Vibes #1 saw the possibilities of, for example, digital techniques such as 'streaming', which removes the limitation of time and place. Yet many struggled with applying the technology in their own work, because it requires a different way of thinking and working. Nevertheless, the majority expected to use technological applications more often, especially for connecting with fans.   

This emphasized the importance of a program in which artists can easily master new technologies. A good reason for Effenaar to organize the program again. The experiences of the participants, Effenaar and the program partners formed the base for the second edition, which is made possible for Cultuurloket Digitall.

How the first edition of Hybrid Music Vibes has inspired and strenghten musicians


Hybrid Music Vibes is supported by Innovatielabs (an initiative of the Creative Industries Fund NL and CLICKNL), Stichting Cultuur Eindhoven and Cultuurloket Digitall. 


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