Exclusief MixHell-interview!

Sterverslaggever slash ster-dj Joost van Bellen waagde een internationaal telefoontje naar Brazilië, eh, België, om te spreken met MixHell, de spectaculaire hoofdact van Rauw op zaterdag 6 december! Lees nu het interview!

Enne, o ja, Joost is naast begenadigd interviewer ook iemand die dikke kneppersets weggeeft alsof het niks is. Zo ook op de komende Rauw! Klik hier voor de volledige line-up.

Onderstaand interview is naast vele leuke extra niet te missen nieuwtjes ook te lezen in de nieuwe Rauw fanzine!

Mix Hell DJ’s doen een het 5 en 6 december weekendje Rauw! Op pakjesavond doet het Braziliaanse super-duo de Melkweg aan, de dag erop gaan ze mee naar de Effenaar in Eindhoven. Mix Hell DJ’s? Wie zijn DAT NOU WEER?! Wel, het zijn de beste vriendjes met onder andere Soulwax, de ene helft is Iggor Cavalera, ooit door vele muziek jornalisten uitgeroepen tot de beste drummer ter wereld.... Dat drummen deed hij met de beruchte experimentele metal band Sepultura, die meer dan 10.000.000 albums verkocht en meerdere maken als een razende tornado de wereld over tourde. Sepultura mixte het metal geluid met zelfs Amazone indianen stammen en echte hiphop. Iggor werd later smoor verliefd op Laima, ze ontdekten de lol van het dj vak en nu is er Mix Hell DJ’s, die ook nog eens te gekke nummers maken die de Rauw dansvloeren al eerder in vuur en vlam hebben gezet! Joost van Bellen interviewde via I-chat de immer energieke, goedgemutste en van kruin tot kleine teennagel vol getatoueerde mega sterren.

JVB: Hello hello, here’s the little man from the Radio!

MIXHELL: Huh?!! Who are you?! Go away!

JVB: Ah, sorry, it’s me, Joost from Holland! Moustache?! The big chubby hunk?!

MIXHELL:  Ah! Ok... We’re ready here!

JVB: Coolio! Here we go. Where on this planet are you at the moment? Sao Paolo? Tokyo? Timboektoe? Spitsbergen? Bora Bora?

MIXHELL: Gent Belgium! While we are touring in Europe we have to set a second home apart from Brazil, so we chose Gent, as it’s the hometown of our very best friends from Soulwax.

JVB: Are you planning to do some music there in Gent?? It’s a great city for music.

MIXHELL: It’s always a possibility but not a plan. Of course we will keep on producing music on our laptops and hanging a lot with the Soulwax family; if it ends up on doing music, great!

JVB: Please try to! I love the Discoteca track, I played it the other night and the club blew up like a nuclear bomb! You made it together with Steph and Dave (2ManyDJ’s) right?

MIXHELL: Thanks!! We did not make it really together, they had an old project called Samantha FU and we had a new track called Dance or Die, so we re-edited it all together... The male vocal is a sample, and the girl’s voice is Laima.

JVB: I love it. How come you decided to tour Europe in winter? While it is beautiful weather in your hometown? Is it because you are afraid to get a tan, which might be soooo not cool?

MIXHELL: Good question! We are a bit crazy...  But the thing is we toured Europe for all summer and then we got back to Brazil loving to be in the summer too... Our plan is always to have the endless summer tour; that would be the very best! And, no you are wrong: we love a tan... specially Laima. Iggor gets a bit reddish red...

JVB: Ah! But hey: some things in winter are nice here though, you are actually djing on SINTERKLAAS evening!

MIXHELL:  What is this?

JVB: A night children get lots of candy and expensive gifts and sing mad songs about a holy dirty old fat fart called St. Nicolas, his white horse and his black 'servants'

MIXHELL: UAU! Are we djing X-MASSS??!! We love x-mas in Europe, you guys make it last... Usually we see Santa Claus wearing speedos on x-mas in Brazil...

JVB: No, nonononono! It's 5 and 6 december, the rest of the world copied it and put it together with the day good old Jezus was supposed to be born, so Sinterklaas is actually St.Nicolas is actually SantaClaus.


JVB: And hey, you can get gifts on those days when you are here, but only if you have been a good girl and a good boy... So did you behave well in 2008?

MIXHELL: ... We were a little naughty, playing metal shows wearing pink shirts, takings our kids on long tours, but I guess Santa Claus likes us (kids = little kids, 2 year old...).

JVB: Hmmm.... Well, maybe Sinterklaas wants to spank you a little, but he'll forgive you after that, he is an old pervert and a hypocrite... I think you will be okay... So what do you want as a present?

MIXHELL: Vacations in the beach! (Laima) I want be with our kids..... (Iggor).

JVB: Impossible! I'm afraid we can not give you those kind of presents, you have a contract with us, so you need to stay in rainy cold Europe.

MIXHELL: Ah, okay, we’ll stay! So give us a great party instead! And the two Daft Punk helmets please.


MIXHELL:  We love his hat! Is he a Justice fan?

JVB: Haha! Yes he is! He actually loves metal too... and rubber toys I heard...

MIXHELL:  Hahahaha...

JVB: And hey, how did you two meet?

MIXHELL:  In the club... We where hanging out, both had separated from previous relationshiTs and where going out to have some fun... It was Dedge, one of the best clubs in Sao Paulo. At that time Iggor had only water and Laima only vodka...

JVB: So it was sex on the first date?!

MIXHELL: ...  Sure it was... Laima gave Iggor a ride back home and he invited her to come in...

JVB: Yes, yes, yes... and then? Tell us more!

MIXHELL:  The next day Iggor calls Laima on the phone and within one moth we moved in together. That was around July 2004. In december we had x-mas with all his previous kids and her previous kids at her parents house with his mom and family together, so it was a whole family affair....

JVB:  Good! Having a big family can be so great. So how many kids have you got running around this globe?

MIXHELL:  5! I will send u a pic.. (MIXHELL STUURT FOTO VAN DE KIDS...) This was made for a fashion magazine in Brazil for Fathers Day.

JVB: Wow, what a cool bunch of rockers! What a great looking band! Talking about bands: when did you decide to become a dj duo?

MIXHELL:  We didn’t decide, it just happened. When Iggor moved with in Laima, her sister was a dj and we started messing around with her stuff and it was magic! So at that time venues and promoters in Brazil would book Celebrity DJs to do a special set.... You know how it is... And actually we used to discuss arts, cinema, music, everything.... So one day a friend invited us to dj at Valentines Day and he said we should dj together, ... so we did, and we fell in love with it.

JVB: Yes, well.... I think Celebrity DJ's are mostly terrible... And you are NOT! So Laima did the dirty work and Iggor just stood around being famous and good looking?

MIXHELL:  UAUUUUUU ...not really...

JVB: Only joking!  We love what you do, and think you belong to the very best of all. So what is MixHell all about, music wise?

MIXHELL:  Musically MixHell is about not been trapped in any labels or styles, its about trying to play music we enjoy and make music we enjoy listening to, Iggor is a really good idea man...

JVB: And we can hear your Brazilian roots, which I love, it makes it so much more a sexual thing, horny, naughty and exciting. To me samba is pure sex, so is the Bossanova. How would you describe the Brazil influence? What is Brazilian music all about?

MIXHELL:  It’s all about mixing different flavors, it’s about the real mixture of culture, music, traditions, tropical weather...

JVB: Ah, good, the mixture between cultures is going to get bigger I think, because of MySpace and so on, we love that, like MIA and Radioclit and Baile Funk influencing Fidget house and hiphop and so on and on and on...

MIXHELL: We love that too, we've learned a lot about it.

JVB: And Iggor: you have been playing in Sepultura, one of the best metal bands ever, does it have an influence on what you are doing now?

MIXHELL: Of course it does have an influence! In Sepultura I’ve always tried new things, I was always experimenting with new beats which was not common at that time in any heavy metal band, such as composing with the Xavantes Indians, or trying hip hop with metal, and also not only in music, trying different stuff such as starting a clothing brand, so I’ve always done different things, so MixHell was for me the evolution of all my thoughts.

JVB: I think I'm the same, to stand still, be stuck in something and copy yourself or somebody else is a little like dying I think.

MIXHELL: Yea we agree.

JVB: And Sepultura, are you going to be doing it again? I read somewhere Iggor is back with his brother to start something?

MIXHELL: Yes I am back with my brother, it was a family decision which I took: to be next to him. So music happened with him again.

JVB: So will it be a Soulwax thing? Sepultura live and MixHell DJ's after?

MIXHELL: No Sepultura, we call it Cavalera Conspiracy.

JVB: Ah, that sounds even better!

MIXHELL:  The Soulwax format fits really well for them, for us people would get the wrong idea. We did this last summer tour and honestly we still think it works better to have the metal band Cavalera Conspiracy in one venue and Mixhell in other for different crowds. Although at a festival like Hove in Norway we played with Cavalera and MixHell and on the line up there was from Jay Z to Midnight Juggernauts and we think that’s the evolution of music. But there are still narrow-minded people who don’t understand.

JVB: There are way too many narrow minded people in this world, it's all based on fear, being stuck in your own little world.

MIXHELL:  Yep. We have heavy metal fans that love MixHell though, and other that hate MixHell and call it gay...

JVB: Haha, well, I am gay! And I love Sepultura! So, tell me about ICE T... You worked together? What did you do? Star in Law & Order Special Victim Unit as murderers or dead people?

MIXHELL: No! We worked during the Body Count Sepultura years, but it wasn’t released...

JVB: Ah, I that’s why, I didn’t know any songs with Mister T... Last questions!

MIXHELL: Ok, go for it.

JVB: If we want to go to Brazil, where should we go?

MIXHELL: Two days in Rio, really fast and fun with known people who know the city and a month in Sao Paulo with great parties, great people and especially great FOOD!!

JVB: Food?!!!! Don't you only eat beans and cows with too many hormone injections?

MIXHELL:  That’s what u think, go there and try; Sao Paulo has food from ALL OVER THE WORLD. We are the biggest Japanese colony outside of Japan and the biggest Italian colony outside Italy, so food is great. We love food!

JVB: Ah, I love food too (see my perfect belly), so I'll def have to come down there. What is Sao Paolo like when thinking of nightlife?

MIXHELL: It’s great, you can go out from Monday to Sunday and there are many options. From really ghetto stuff to alternative and posh places, the parties go until the next day, the next level.... it NEVER stops.

JVB: God! That's dangerous for me, after two vodka's I don’t have limits anymore, I’ll get so wasted I’ll end up in little pieces in somebody’s chili con carne...


JVB: Sounds really dangerous.... My friend Larry Tee loves playing there, why is it so special? The energy must be great right?

MIXHELL: RIGHT!! The crowds are up to everything, Steph and Dave love it, Pat and James from LCD love it.

JVB: Okay, you conivinced me! So, how do we prepare for a MixHell DJ set?

MIXHELL: Drink lots of caipirinha (u can make it with vodka)...by the way: we could do some ha?

JVB: Yes! I’d be delighted. What more for a Mixhell DJ set?

MIXHELL:  Open your mind.... And let’s party!

JVB: And what to wear?

MIXHELL: Get your best pair of sneakers to dance all night.

JVB: Only sneakers, the rest naked?!

MIXHELL: Half naked is good; it’s too cold in Europe for that sort of thing. And of course short skirts for girls!

JVB: Well, thanks for the interview, it was super-fun. Have fun touring and don't catch a cold.

MIXHELL: We’re looking so much forward to have good fun with u! And can I ask u something?

JVB: Yes of course...

MIXHELL: What time is it now? Each one of our watches says something different...

JVB: 19:25

MIXHELL: Okkkkkkk! Tnnnnnnnnnnx, love from us.

JVB: Take care you two and see you in a month! Big love from Holland.

MIXHELL: You too, take care.