DDW Music Festival tip: Meis

DDW Music Festival 2019 is coming up! To help you find your way around the program we ask scenesters for their DDW Music tips. Meis, from Stroomhuis, picked three especially for you. 

Heavy Lungs  
Thursday 24 October, Stroomhuis
"Because it's very important to see a band that makes you want to dance like a jolly hooligan. And sweat like you're overdoing it at a sauna. And yell like you're scared even though you're really just having fun and enjoying that the band is yelling at you too."

Sheer Mag 
Thursday 24 October, Effenaar
"I'd say this is the headliner of the festival. But I'm not sure. Is it? It should be. And it's very important to see the headliner."

Blanck Mass
Saturday 19 October, Effenaar 
"Because it's very important to see a band that sounds like your worst hangovers feel. It's awesome. The sound is so much better than the feeling and everyone needs to go check out this act to thank him for teaching the world this mindblowing lesson. Plus, Mike Dobber will be there, always try to be where Mike Dobber is."

Curious about the rest of the program?
The full line-up for DDW Music Festival 2019 can be found here.

Heavy Lungs - Blood Brother (Live on KEXP)
SHEER MAG - Fan The Flames (Official Video)
Blanck Mass - D7-D5 (Official Music Video)