DDW Music Festival

DDW Music Festival, your exciting live soundtrack of the Dutch Design Week

Once again, during the Dutch Design Week (DDW), the Effenaar organizes surprising shows and killer parties in crazy cool places citywide; From hip-hop to indie, to rootsy and of course party. With your DDW Music Festival wristband, you can choose all your favorite parties, concerts and locations, all week long. Enter the local nightlife with DDW Music Festival!


A Million Squeeks Will Do You No Harm - Amy Root - Automatic - Blackwax - Blair Jollands - Blanck Mass - Blue Crime - Boolin' DJ's - Brian's Magic Tears - Chackie Jam - City Park - Crimson Scar - Cry - De Stroom DJ's - Dj Devereaux85 - DJ NEN-C - Do Nothing - Echo Beatty - Elle Rich -Emma Mc Grath - Eva van Manen - Far Caspian - Flexual - Franky Nuts - Gaygirl - Glauque - Gnoomes - Heavy Lungs - I.R.O.K. - Ihemyo - Jan Verstraeten - Job Roggeveen - Just Mustard - Kalax - Kikok - Kleo - Kolonel DJafaar - Kosmo Sound - Lauran Hibberd - Les Robots - Marassa - Meetsysteem - Mk. Gee - Mottron - Müholos - Nicon - NINA - Noah Vanden Abeele - Paracetamøl - Patawawa - Personal Trainer - Sadhu (D) - Saida - Shaemless - Shamilean - Sheer Mag - Someone - Swimming Tapes - Ted Jasper - Tessa Dixson - Tim Dawn - Timecop1983 - Three Little Clouds - Volcano Boys - Wally A$M - Walt Disco - Wasuremono - Wolf & Moon - Wooze - Yellowstraps - Your Smith


Location: Effenaar

Blanck Mass
You know Benjamin John Power from Fuck Buttons, or perhaps from Blanck Mass. He follows electronic paths on his own that make even the heaviest of black metal bands pale in comparison. All this without drums and guitars. On his fourth album "Animated Violence Mild" he goes even harder, heavier and darker. Brace yourself!
For lovers of Nine Inch Nails, Forest Swords

A Million Squeeks Will Do You No Harm
This noise, ambient and drone project from local Mike Dobber- you might know him from ZALM - can, fortunately, be shortened to AMSWDYNH. In order to properly summarize his music, we need a lot more letters and a lot of "CAPSLOCK screams" in between. The mix of distorted vocals, noise escapades and mangled classical pieces hit you hard. Earplugs ON.
For lovers of: Tim Hecker, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma

This Frenchwoman programs at Café Belgique in Amsterdam, and likes to DJ often herself. Her funky and often retro-sounding beats and samples make festivals such as Dekmantel a dangerous place to be, but this lady is at the same time a regular guest of Red Light Radio. Tonight she is rocking Eindje and that will definitely be sexy.

Ed Night

Location: Altstadt

Echo Beatty
Annelies Van Dinter is Echo Beatty and under that name she’s been very successful at turning heads in her home country of Belgium since her debut in 2013. Or should we say ‘turning ears’, because the intense, dark and echoing songs quickly take you to another world. On her last EP, ‘Ode To The Attempt’,  this beautiful lady showered us for the first time with more light and air.
Sounds like: Lera Lynn, Mount Eerie, Portishead

Eva van Manen
Eva is the singer, songwriter and producer of her own music. Her debut album ‘Politiek & Liefde’ is full of gritty drum samples and warm Rhodes piano. In her beautiful Dutch pop songs with electronic influences and a hip-hop edge, Eva searches for the bond between politics and love.
Sounds like: Roosbeef, Lucky Fonz III, Wende

Location: Stroomhuis

What is Glauque? Well, how long do you have? We won’t dive in too deep, but we want to wake up all fans of modern (French spoken) hip hop and electronic music. Glauque flows, rubs, pops and surprises. Rap, electro, pop and rock have rarely united so beautifully.
Sounds like: Agar Agar, Roméo Elvis, Stromae

Three Little Clouds
Yes, global heating is a problem. But it’s no problem that Three Little Clouds continue to heat up the funk planet with a groovy, horny mix of hip hop, dance and disco. The six have already caused several heat waves at many festivals, so take off your shirt and put on your dancing shoes. Let’s funk it up!


Location: Stroomhuis

Automatic comes from LA and builds on legendary (wave / synth / punk) groups like Suicide, Kleenex and Neu! Minimalistic punky and live they’re just as nice as a band with guitars and men. They’ve opened for bands such as Surfbort and Poptone, but now is the time to spread their wings in Eindhoven by themselves. Girl power ON.
Sounds like: Blondie and Suicide

They didn't experience grunge in its height of hype, and maybe that's for the best. Maybe because of that, these rockers from London sound just like they should: uninhibited, energetic, and with enough self-mockery to be taken seriously. They give every grunge fan faster pulse rate. Make note of them in your schedule.
Sounds like: PJ Harvey, Radiohead, Nirvana

Location: Fifth

Job Roggeveen
Job Roggeveen is not only the Job of the prize-winning animation studio Job, Joris and Marieke, he is also a gifted musician. He has already made three successful albums with his collective Happy Camper. This year he’s launching a new musical project under his own name, with melancholic instrumental piano music. And that sounds extremely beautiful.
Sounds like: Joep Beving, Ólafur Arnalds.

Noah Vanden Abeele
Noah himself speaking about his minimalistic piano music: “Until now, piano has been the base of my compositions. The strings sometimes add a color or support the story, but the piano always takes the lead.” The two words we’ll add to this story are: pure and beauty.
Sounds like: Ólafur Arnalds, Library tapes

Location: Altstadt

Swimming Tapes
Airy guitar carpets, nostalgic vocals and summer melodies in abundance. Sometimes you need a safe haven between all the eclectic musical intensity. Take anchor at Swimming tapes and let the stress dance out of your bones. Sometimes everyone needs a bit of ‘everything is just fine music’ right?
Sounds like: Real Estate, Beach Fossils

Personal Trainer
Superband Personal Trainer is a nine-headed organism that changes form with every show. An infectious chaos unfolds in front of your nose while the guitar amps are turned up to 11 and the tambourines swing cheerfully. Garage rock with a good sense of pop.
Sounds like: Pavement, Car Seat Headrest.

Location: Effenaar

DDW Music Special: Rico & Sticks | Effenaar
Exclusive NL-show of Dutch hip-hop instigators Rico & Sticks.


Location: Altstadt

Ted Jasper
This undiscovered gem started as a producer, but eventually made the crossover to the microphone becoming a songwriter mixing electronic pop with a laid back jazzy feel. That sounds like a whole lot of musical terms, but when you see it live, it all comes together as a warm blanket of brilliant songs.
Sounds like: James Blake, St. Germain, J. J. Cale

If someone asks you: How does a mix of jazz, soul, hiphop and electronics sound like? Then the answer is YellowStraps. They contributed to the already classic ‘Morale’ album by Roméo Elvis, and released the ‘Blame’ EP on Casual Majestic Records. Now it’s time to conquer Eindhoven.

Location: Stroomhuis

His show was named one of the most magical moments from the WOO HAH! Festival. His album ‘Domste Van De Landt’ isn’t referring to this smart rapper, no matter how hard you yell it. You don’t just get 100 000 streams for no reason right? His best track.
Sounds like: Jacin Trill, Joost

Wally A$M
He’s crazy young, and rising fast. Oualid ‘Wally’ Oussar was born and raised in the ‘Schilderswijk’, The Hague, and came up quickly in the scene with his crew A$M. In 2017 he himself released his EP ‘Road To DBV’, on his own followed by ‘Days Before Vrijheid’, which also features Cry(Individuals) and Jacin Trill. And the rest? You got it, the rest is history. Let’s Go! 
Sounds like: Tads Thots, Ray Fuego

Location: Dynamo

The Intergalactic Republic Of Kongo 
This band has found its own genre with its festive mix of psych, punk, world music, rock and synth pop. Dance along this raging storm in the Dynamo cellar.

Madness on stage, little to no information online, and they’re from a scene with kindred spirits like Experimental Tropic Blues Band, The Germans and other Belgian madness. We don’t know more than that either, so were just as curious as you are.
Klinkt als: The Experimental Tropic Blues Band, The Germans


Location: Stroomhuis

After Ngan! and Tschak! These Russians came with their third album Mu! this year, and proved once again to be one of the most interesting outsiders of the psych scene. With their fuzzy synths, motoric beats and scratchy glass guitars, they make their own musical language. Gnoomes goes really hard live. Time to trip. 
Sounds like: Ulrika Spacek, Death and Vanilla

Just Mustard
The best shoegaze from Ireland comes from this group of five, they stuff all the beauty of Valentine, Slowdive and Ride in their pockets and then sprinkle it all over their fans in a beautiful way. So it will also be all over you after seeing their show tonight.
Sounds like: Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine

Location: Rozenknop

Emma McGrath
The very young Emma sounds super mature for her age. Fortunately, her picture perfect pop productions still leave room for fragility and imperfection here and there. And since she also mentions Tracy Chapman as great inspiration, there is only one thing left to do: go and listen! Sounds like: Bess Atwell, Lorde

Tim Dawn
If just before the end of your law studies, instead of opting for the big money, you go and put music first, then you’ve obviously got an edge on the rest. Especially when you’re coming up with beautiful indie songs. Tim's modern pop sound has an enjoyably melancholic edge, always leaving you wanting more and more. Fortunately, you can have just that!
For lovers of James Bay, Hozier 

Location: Altstadt

Beware of possible addiction! Or as someone said on YouTube: “5 minutes ago I didn't know this band existed. Now they're one of my favorites.” With their mix of dream pop, indie pop and kraut rock they’ve got a recipe that always works. Write this crazy gang’s name down. They’re more than okay! Much much more.

This half British, half Korean duo makes the ideal soundtrack for a long night out in Seoul, where eventually boundaries fade and there are unexpected twists and turns. Superfunky and ditto sexy stuff this is Wooze. And is that Josh Homme playing the guitar in the background? 
Sounds like: The Beatles, Scissor Sisters, Madonna

Location: Fifth

DDW Music Special: Saskia Laroo | Fifth


Location: Effenaar

Although Tessa Rose Jackson is an excellent artist name in itself, this multi-talented lady opted for the somewhat more anonymous name of Someone. Her beautiful art is just as profound and beautiful as her music. She recently showed us that with her EP ‘Orbit’ which she presented using augmented reality. Just go and watch ... and listen!
Sounds like: Fleet Foxes, Ray LaMontagne

Tessa Dixson
There are so many beautiful things brewing by our southern neighbors, like Tessa Dixon’s layered alternative pop. With singles like ‘Prayer’, ‘Beautiful Pain’, ‘Crystal Waters’ and ‘Falling, she easily proves herself to be the promise of 2020.
Sounds like: Charli XCX, Lykke Li, Robyn

Location: Stroomhuis

The Eindhoven connector and fashion designer Jess Oberlin hits us with an extra special edition of her PLASMA platform tonight. You come as her guests to connect and discuss, touching on topics like identity, diversity and subcultures but also to party hard! Expect DJ Elle Rich, Cindy van der Loon, Fiona capella, Marassa, Naomi Dyslexa, Saïda, Iheomy Zezuri and DJ NEN-C but also a secret local legendary singer. Exciting!!

Location: Altstadt

Your Smith
Folky, psychedelic, lo-fi, noise, kraut…Blue Crime is a constantly changing entity, that develops just as quickly as a newborn universe. Since their big bang in 2015, the band has been touring mostly outside of this country, and were invited last year by Robert Smith of The Cure to rock their Meltdown Festival. Are you curious yet?
Sounds like: Eerie Wanda, Sonic Youth, PJ Harvey

Blue Crime
Folky, psychedelic, lo-fi, noise, kraut…Blue Crime is a constantly changing entity, that develops just as quickly as a newborn universe. Since their big bang in 2015, the band has been touring mostly outside of this country, and were invited last year by Robert Smith of The Cure to rock their Meltdown Festival. Are you curious yet?
Sounds like: Eerie Wanda, Sonic Youth, PJ Harvey


Location: Effenaar 

Sheer Mag
Sheer Mag makes serious hard rock with an 80’s glam rock attitude. They gathered all the positive factors of all the groups from that period and threw a juicy sauce all over them. Pedal to the floor, raise your fists and hell to the yes!
Sounds like: Wipers, Nobunny, Thin Lizzy

Lauran Hibberd
This lady combines punk, pop and a heavy dose of girl power into a delicious dish full of hearty taste sensations and sweet surprises. If Blink-182 had a British niece, then ... you’re right: Lauran Hibberd! Feel good to the max.
Sounds like: Courtney Barnett, Phoebe Bridgers

Location: Altstadt

Amy Root
The classically trained gentlemen of Amy Root inject their beat with the worldly music kitchen. You’ll Influences from Radiohead, Joni Mitchell, Moderat, Fela Kuti and Paul Simon are sprinkled like spicy herbs over the synths. Listen quickly, then you’ll understand it instinctively.
Sounds like: Weval, Polynation

Dark dreams full of melancholy and autumnal scenes. In a strange way, almost everyone finds that very beautiful. The same goes for the songs from Mottron, who seem to have written the soundtracks for these dreams. Check ‘They Know’ and you’ll understand exactly what we mean. Sounds like: Gotye, Kimbra

Location: Stroomhuis

Heavy Lungs
Abundant energy, grittiness galore and sympathy deluxe. These guys are a kind of aggressive Joy Division and can compete with any modern punk band. Although it will often get bogged down at the bar. Listen to their EP ‘Straight to CD’ then you’ll understand.
Sounds like: IDLES, CROWS, Metz

No nonsense garage punk, it still exists. Right here in our own country. Don’t take the men of Paracetamøl when you have a headache, that’ll come later. Raw, right from the heart going full throttle with a fuck you we love you mentality. Nice.
Sounds like: Crows, Iguana Death Cult

Location: Rozenknop

Blair Jollands
You might not know him, but we dare to say that Blair is one of THE best songwriters of the moment. His music sounds cinematic yet warm, intimate, rootsy and supermodern. Boy George, Bowie en The Strokes are fans of his and worked together with him. After DDW music, Eindhoven is also sold on him.
Sounds like: Roy Orbison, Scott Walker, Rufus Wainwright

Wolf & Moon
The ideal music for a summer roadtrip with vibes that remind you of Angus & Julia, but also The XX.Dreamy basslines with lightly melancholic vocals and wide fanning reverbs take you on a blissful trip along moments in the most beautiful places. And bonus points because there it’s just the two of them!
Sounds like: The XX, Angus & Julia


Location: Stroomhuis

Do Nothing
Do Nothing, that sounds like a lazy band right? Nothing could be further from the truth, because it must be a joke referring to their hometown Nothingham. Post-punk, wave, art-punk, call it what you will, these lads are one of the big and promising UK acts, and tonight we experience it for ourselves.
Sounds like: Parquet Courts, Ought en Interpol

Brian's Magic Tears
These French folks named their band after an obscure drug dealer from Paris, of course with doing that, you’ve almost won the war. Certainly if you also produce sweet slacker rock jems with a 90's DIY lo-fi vibe from here to Tokyo while adding some fine shoegaze vacuum cleaner sounds for dessert.
Sounds like Sebadoh, Smashing Pumpkins, My Bloody Valentine.

Location: Altstadt

Far Caspian
Dreampop with a nice low-fi edgje. Sounds complicated, but it isn’t. The songs by Far Caspian-which quickly grew from bedroom project to band- take you with them on a chill trip. Through many decades and via detours with softly rocking linden trees, an autumn sun and wonderful guitar tones. Timeless! 
Sounds like: Castlebeat, Still Corners

City Park
Behind the mysterious group City park hides two dutch guys: Sjaak and Jurian. They may have only brought out a handful of songs, but have already been picked up by somepretty hip French and English blogs. Their love of city parks runs real deep if you dive into thier Insta. ANd their music? Funky, sultry, fresh and reeeeally smooth. Nice and smooth.
Sounds like: Prince, Jamiroquai

Location: Dynamo

Kolonel Djafaar
Kolonel Djafaar mixes rock with blues and afrobeat and that sounds exactly as you’d expect: exciting, swinging and played with a ton of swag. Fela Kuti, Jungle By Night and The Budos Band fans will enjoy. Put on your sneakers.
Sounds like: Fela Kuti, The Budos Band

Kosmo Sound
This live dub band is about so much more than experimenting with sleepy beats. These pappies make it a party. Instead of the experiment, dancing takes the lead. And if you surrender to it, you’ll automatically end up in an enjoyable exotic trip. Jah man, jah man, man, man man, ma. Sounds like: Les Enfants, Lee Scratch Perry

Location: Fifth

DDW Music Special: Roy Ayers | Fifth

Location: Effenaar 

Neon Dreams

In anticipation of 'Neon Dreams' own club night, Eindhoven-based synthwave king Timecop1983 returns tonight and hits us with a fresh set. He invites Kalax and DJ Devereaux85 especially for DDW Music Festival. Neon Dreams is a celebration of the 80s soundtracks and computer games with new school artists and DJs.

Line up:
Dj Devereaux85

Yallah! Yallah!
Be gone fairytales and belly dancers: in the 1002st night, we dance to real modern and traditional Arabic grooves. Expect Maroccan hip hop, reggaeton from Egypt and Israel, Speed dabke from Lebanon and trap from Syria, Palestiniean hip hop, plus of course, countless other vibes. The Dj’s show you all the corners of the  floor, especially the ones on the east side.

DDW Music Special: Altin Gun + Yin Yin | Effenaar
The most exciting crossover between Turkey and The Netherlands


Location: Stroomhuis

Lo-fi Dutchpop with 80’s synths and psychedelic experiments, was that already a genre?  And does it actually work? The answers are: ‘now it does’ and a resounding ‘yes’. Ricky Cherim, the man behind Meetsysteem, seems to have been raised on a diet of Spinvis, dub and experimental electronic acts. Boldly original, super enjoyable, and ditto addictive. Put it on during long trips on deserted highways.
For lovers of: Doe Maar, Eefje de Visser and Spinvis

Walt Disco
Drama, glitter and glamor, these are the driving forces behind this androgynous band. Wowing guitars connect seamlessly with buzzing synths and vocals somewhere right in the middle of the better 80's post punk and wave icons. Did we already mention that there’s a lot of drama involved? Dramatically good, that too.
Sounds like: David Bowie, The Cure, Echo & the Bunnymen.

Location: Altstadt

Patawawa / funk, disco
Funk is back y’all! And by the way, disco is too, with tons of glitter on top. They’re totally on fire, you know!?
Sounds like: Earth, Wind & Fire, Kool & The Gang

Chackie Jam
This Belgian synth pop collective won the "De Nieuwe Lichting" competition from Studio Brussels in 2018. And believe us, there was a lot of good competition that they left in the dust! If you have to describe the music of these cheery people in one word then it is: happiness. Thick layers of happiness.
Sounds like: Dua Lipa goes disco

Location: Fifth

Jan Verstraeten
Did he get away with a stripped down version of Destiny’s Child’s ‘Survivor’? Yep, go ahead and check that box. With his whisper-like voice, Jan Verstraeten turns every song into a fairytale-esque gem. His cinematic sound comes just as enjoyably out of your speakers as it does from the stage. This is a big tip for lovers of modern singer songwriters!
Sounds like: Thom Yorke, Balthazar, Beirut

Mk. Gee
Funky bass loops, sexy R&B vibes, light-hearted vocals that are interwoven with possibly even lighter synths. And sometimes there’s even a nice healthy dose of humor. The first album by this indie pop hero is called "Pronounced McGee", in case you had any doubts.
Sounds like: BOYO, Tim Atlas

Location: Effenaar

These young pups from Nijmegen say they make garage surf'n punk blues, getting their inspiration from bands like Iceage and Oh Sees. In our opinion, you can add The Stooges to that for a good idea of what to expect: Good old rock 'n roll baby!
For lovers of: The Stooges, The Gun Club and Jon Spencer Blues explosion

Les Robots
These ‘robots’ sound like they were produced by the Joe Meek of the future. In the 1960s, Meek was responsible for the sci-fi garage sound from bands such as The Tornados with their pioneering song ‘Telstar’. Les Robots respectfully take over the baton of that generation and set their course for the outer ring of Saturn.
For lovers of Link Wray, The Tornados, Joe Meek

Ghost comes from the NOX organization; a larger than life party with the baddest Drum & Bass, heaviest Dubstep and other fine bass goodies. This past March there was an edition in the Effenaar, now this ghostly phenomenon is back with: Crimson Scar, Franky Nuts, Nicon and Sadhu. 

DDW Music Special: Duncan Laurence | Effenaar  (uitverkocht)

DDW Music Festival | 2018