Tads Thots + YUNG GODS

Tads Thots + YUNG GODS

Tads Thots is a rapper from Amsterdam-Zuidoost who started the single "Fukboiproof" in 2015. This was well received and after a remix he dropped an EP of the same name from three tracks, including his second single ''Geen Gimma''. After this lightning start and his even more successful single ''DR'' in 2016, the solo releases were much quieter and Tads Thots appeared on SMIB compilation projects and solo projects of SMIB-associates Ray Fuego and Yung Nnelg. Especially on the latter's single ''Skeemen'' he excelled. 

Early 2019 Tads Thots released his first personal body of work: ANTI-FU, a 10-note project produced semi-full by FNMLAS, one of the founders of the ALLE$ Recordings label. The long-awaited release also includes guest appearances by Ray Fuego, Narco Polo and productions by GRGY, KC & Styn. Tads Thots is an innovator because of the way he mixes his cast-iron raps with vocals. With this unique sound he has unconditional support from the entire SMIB followers and leaves every new listener enchanted by this versatility.

Fosa YG, Loopey and Nodda are 3/5 of "Yunggods", an imprint within SMIB WORLDWIDE. Together with Tyson YG and Nake YG and some close affiliates, they form a multidisciplinary collective, just like SMIB, but now they only focus on music. "PROJECT YG" is the beginning of their joint journey to the top. The spiritual leaders of this collective, Fosa YG and Loopey, together with newcomer Nodda, have made a tape that has been produced entirely by KC and Garrincha.

In this triangular relationship, the three boys are able to blindly complement each other on each song, and manage to come after a slow jam with a banger without any difficulty.