DDW Music Keynote - The Future Of Live

met Chagall, Sofie Letitre en moderator Maartje Glas

DDW Music Keynote - The Future Of Live

Technology is changing nearly every aspect of life as we know it, and music is no exception. While portable MP3 players and streaming services have revolutionized the way we use to consume music, rest assured that avant-garde musicians are experimenting with radical new ways of making music as well.

From intuitive interfaces to gesture-controlled wearables, cutting-edge technologies promise to redefine the musical landscape as we know it, much as the electric guitar or turntables have for previous generations.

DDW Music is pleased to explore this exciting new frontier with a keynote presentation by two female pioneers in the field: Chagall and Sofie Letitre.

An early adopter of Mi.Mu gloves, electronic musician Chagall's performances are unlike anything you've seen before. Instead of manipulating buttons, knobs, and sliders behind a typical console, the motion-based wearable interface allows her to 'play' her songs using hand gestures. Thus, the cutting-edge hardware enhances the music itself, elevating Chagall's bass-heavy yet soulful compositions into a must-see experience.

Born in Amsterdam but currently based in London, Chagall is excited to debut a new live concert concept at DDW Music 2017. Utrecht-based singer-songwriter Sofie Letitre is a trained psychologist, so it should come as no surprise that her electro-R&B tunes explore the same sonic territory as FKA Twigs. Her remarkable voice may be her signature, but it is the interplay with the progressive electronic beats that fill out the atmosphere.

Letitre has taken a liking to OWOW's music instruments, handheld remote controllers that allow unprecedented level of control in her live performances.

One can only wonder what a company named Ominpresent World of Wizkids -- OWOW for short -- might have in store for them. It turns out that the Eindhoven-based hardware startup that specializes in futuristic musical instruments, some of which will be demonstrated by Letitre.

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