Virtual Game Night

Met exclusieve voorpremières van : VRisb + Pillow's Willow + Breakout VR Game

Virtual Game Night

Online presale of tickets including VRisb has stopped. You can inform if there might be a spot left on the evening itself.

Instead of bowling or go-karting, tonight we are going to step into the world of Virtual Reality for a change. Equipped with a neat, wireless VR suit, gloves and of course VR glasses, you will step into an area where you and your teammate can play virtual frisbee against other teams.

Apart from the VRisb exclusive, there will also be other sneak previews of Dutch VR games, among which we have Pillow’s Willow, awarded ‘Best Dutch VR Game’ by RTL’s Bright TV. Everbody is welcome, whether you are a gamer or just curious about the world of VR. Even if it’s just to have a look, to cheer on your friends and have a small taste of the future of gaming. 

Breakout VR Game
Pillow’s Willow VR Studios introduces an entirely new genre, dreamscape, developed specifically for VR gaming. Dreamscape mainly focuses on escaping reality and discovering a new virtual dream world. While playing the game, it’s up to you to help the characters, Dragow and Willow, to find a way through these dream worlds. For example by helping Dragow getting the sun back, which was stolen by an evil moth king. For a change, the player does not resemble the character, but triggers certain elements in the environment as to help the character to continue his way. Focus of attention is on themes such as friendship and trust.

Breakout VR Game
Breakout VR Game is a new take on the classical game Breakout. In this virtual space you will be tasked to destroy all the bricks in front of you and get the highest score possible. This is done using the HTC Vive. The controllers are in-game paddles that are used to hit the ball into the bricks. Some bricks contain power-ups that will alter the gameplay and help or hinder the player in completing a level. This all takes place in a futuristic environment that enables the player to be fully immersed in the world of Breakout in VR.

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VRee Virtual Game Night Effenaar 28 April
Manus VR - Playthrough Pillow's Willow