DDW Music

Larry Gus, traumahelikopter, Indian Askin, Woodie Smalls, Jeangu Macrooy, e.v.a.

DDW Music

Following a successful first edition in 2015, Dutch Design Week is pleased to present an expanded DDW Music programme this October. From 22-30 October, Eindhoven will host not only thousands of designers but also over 60 emerging and established artists at twelve different locations throughout the city.

Once again, DDW Music will bring dozens of buzzworthy up-and-comers to Eindhoven. The singer-songwriters are just as likely to play synths as guitars, and even the artists who sound mellow on recordings are sure to deliver energetic live performances. From danceable electro to visceral punk to Belgian hip-hop, the lineup offers something for everyone. Who knows — you might just discover your new favorite artist!

Moreover, the variety of venues is noteworthy in itself: from the renowned Van Abbemuseum to the raw Het Gaslab, the locations reflect the creative culture of Eindhoven both during DDW and for the rest of the year. Some exhibition spaces and ateliers, such as Nul Zes and Stroomhuis, double as performance spaces, while the historic Effenaar and Muziekgebouw Eindhoven offer a more immersive concert experience in the form of the DDW Music Specials. 
DDW Music specials: Jeremy Loops, Klyne, Baauer and Benjamin Francis Leftwich

This year also sees the debut of the new Ketelhuisplein stage, curated by Strijbos & van Rijswijk. Open to the public free of charge, this stage is dedicated to experiments, co-creation, and participation, by musicians, artists, and designers. Stay tuned for more information about this stage, which will be released in September.

A DDW-ticket — €17,50 online pre-order / €19,50 on-site — provides free access to every DDW Music event (with the exception of the DDW Music Specials) more details on the infopage.