Djax It Up XL: Pet Duo e.a.

Pet Duo + Du'Art + Miss Djax vs Patrick DSP + VJ Yzco

While most people are still hopefully waiting for the summer to start, the festival season has almost passed by. The time has come to focus on the new party season. The next indoor edition of Djax it Up will be held on the 27th of October in the large room of the Effenaar in Eindhoven. It has been a while since the last Djax it Up and that’s why the Queen, Miss Djax, has decided to come back with a BANG! The line up of this edition will be once again an excellent one:

Pet Duo
This Brazillian couple could very well be thé best known and most popular hardtechno duo. This year they are celebrating their 15 year anniversary and at this Djax it Up edition they will undoubtedly blast the roof off the Effenaar harder than ever before with their sinister beats and outstanding skills.

This man is a Djax it Up favourite who never disappoints. With his energized beats combined with uplifting tribal rhythms he always has the crowd on his side. This night the Portugese flags will be surely waving through the crowd!

Miss Djax vs Patrick DSP
Together they form a brand new act that had its debut at Awakenings Festival 2012. That performance was a big success and absolutely left the crowd wanting more. The duo has reserved their next performance for Djax it Up and this night they will present even more fresh sounds from their new album “Techno Crusaders”.

VJ Yzco
He is thé mastermind behind all Djax videos and he has again made an amazing trailer for this next Djax it Up edition. The underground visuals that he produces cannot be missed at any Djax it Up party.

Djax Daniels
The Djax Daniels has been put on ice and is ready to make the night an unforgettable Djax it Up experience! In the Effenaar there is always a merchandise stand where you can get your favourite Djax t-shirts!