Breek: o.a. Icicle

drum n bass

Icicle (UK) + Fre4knc + Nymfo + Proxima

Icicle : In a very short space of time, Icicle has become the name on the lips of every d&b fan in the know. His stripped-down, future funk style has seen DJ support far and wide, and his own gig schedule take off with performances around the globe. Now signed to DJ Friction's blossoming Shogun Audio, his long awaited debut album is just around the corner.

Fre4knc : Spinning the decks since 2001. Winner of several dj contests and nominations for the the Dutch Drum and Bass Awards for best breakthrough and best dj. He plays from Drum Funk to good Neuro, from Liquid to dark stuff. And he is also promoter of Break-Fast events, Break-Fast Radio and Co-owner of Break-Fast Audio.
Nymfo + Proxima : You’re well known residents Nymfo and Proxima will take care for the intro and outro of the night.