STASH feat. The Ones That Got Away

+ DJ Wanna Be A Star + Tomba La Bomba

STASH feat. The Ones That Got Away

Please note that this is the rescheduled show for February 12. Tickets already purchased for that date will remain valid!

With THE ONES THAT GOT AWAY, the men behind Memphis Maniacs, or the 'Masters of the Mashup, are striking out in a new direction. During STASH, the evening where they share their new treasures with us, we experience a non-stop, live electronic music experience. The Maniacs redefined their repertoire and performance, looted music vaults and transformed crown jewels of pop history into dancefloor gems. During their unorthodox and infectious non-stop live set THE ONES THAT GOT AWAY will present something familiar in an excitingly unfamiliar way; their typical rock 'n roll attitude, but then completely focused on the dance floor!

Always different from most, this outrageous outlaw has channeled her wild energy and old spirit through the woofers of countless clubs, cars and festivals. You never really know what to expect, but it's infectious anyway, probably sexy, and possibly filthy. DJ WANNABE A STAR takes you on a sleazy, amphetamine-coated, floor-filling roller coaster ride through the electronic underworld.

Originating from the rocky peaks of the Dolomiti, TOMBA LA BOMBA is a musical avalanche to be reckoned with. Tomba freestyled his way through dubious disco bangers, catchy italo obscurities, and twisted house remixes. This mafioso loves to get his listeners into a mesmerizing, dirty groove only to surprise them with another criminally good crate-digging treasure. Tomba La Bomba lifts the temperature of the dance floor to Sicilian levels and doesn't create the vibe. He. Is. The. Vibe.