Tim Vantol

+ Sauro Locchi + Flora Sculler

Tim Vantol

Dutch rock troubadour celebrates life

After rain comes sunshine! Dutch singer-songwriter Tim Vantol is living proof: after a dark period, he has rediscovered himself and on his most recent album 'Better Days' the gloom from previous projects makes way for the positive. With a distinctive voice as raw as the wool of your favorite sweater and unstoppable energy, Vantol has been able to touch the hearts of his loyal fans for years. Tonight, the rock troubadour finally comes to the City of Lights to share his newfound zest for life with us.

Sauro Locchi

Sauro Locchi has also reinvented itself. He traded the band life for a solo career and decided to trust his own instincts. The result? Several acoustic 90's power-pop songs about change and rehab from his old life, and a rosy view of the future. Out with the old, in with the new!

Flora Sculler

This evening will be opened by the Dutch Flora Sculler. You may know her from the Breda punk band MARCH, but she also returned to her singer-songwriter roots.