Anne Soldaat

Hans Hannemann

Anne Soldaat

Anne Soldaat has released no fewer than four solo albums since Daryl-Ann's breakup. And number five is also there 'Facts & Fears' was released on July 9th, which he recorded with great dedication and together with DeWolff's Pablo van de Poel, Anne Soldaat will kick off the accompanying tour of the halls on Saturday October 2 in the Effenaar! Expectations are high, especially after the first catchy single 'You're Hard To Find'; musically a somewhat Kinks-like feel and also lyrically the singing guitarist has tried to infuse some of that Ray Davies venom. Anne Soldaat has been reborn and we are only too happy to be there!

Support act: Hans Hannemann

Inspired by artists such as Elvis, Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson and Waylon Jennings, Hans Hannemann studied music in Dublin and worked as a bar pianist and organist in a gospel church. Back in the Netherlands he worked as a producer with Krezip, Ian Segal and Sunday Kids and at the end of 2016 his own debut album 'Makin' Up For Livin' Easy' was on the shelf. Live we have seen Hans as support act of Douwe Bob and of course at The Voice of Holland!

You're Hard to Find
De recensies van Facts & Fears liegen er niet om! De recensies van Facts & Fears liegen er niet om!