This concert has been rescheduled to Thursday, May 12, 2022. Tickets for the original dates remain valid and ticket buyers have been personally informed!

After Fresku released 'In Het Diepe' in October '20 without any announcement, on which he took his listeners on an emotional roller coaster, a year later his first independent record will be released, titled 'In De Lucht Part I'. Fresku on his 'new debut': " In de Lucht feels more raw to me than the earlier Fresku. On previous albums I sometimes thought: people really need to know that I mean it seriously. But sometimes I took away the space for listeners to find or feel something themselves, or to find out for themselves. I think I now make music that doesn't impose anything, that takes the listener along naturally and loosely. That also has to do with my age: nobody wants to hear a relatively old rapper who sounds pedantic or pedantic."

The Eindhoven rapper is not only the funniest rapper in the Netherlands, but also one of the few rappers who dares to show his vulnerable side. Partly thanks to his partner-in-rhyme Teemong, who is also responsible for Fresku's videos, he is now so successful that he eats lobster every day instead of kapsalon. 

Fresku - Iedereenzaam
Fresku - Wil Er Voor Je Zijn (prod. Mucky)