Bell's Comedy Club

o.a. Stephen Bell, Bob MacLaren and Serine Ayari.

Bell's Comedy Club

English comedy night with international talents

On this particular Friday night the Effenaar will miraculously transform into Bell's Comedy Club.

Get ready for a whole new comedy scene in Eindhoven. Local/Irish comedian Stephen Bell has hand-picked his favorite performers to present to you in a cozy, intimate setting. Stephen has been touring through the Benelux for years looking for the new rising stars on the comedy circuit. He will be dishing out a four course meal containing everything from the freshest talents to experienced pro's. Grade-A international comedy in its purest form: een bar stool, a microfoon and an array of hilarious jokes. 

Headliner Bob Maclaren (NZ)
Unfortunately Nigel Williams had to cancel his show, but we are glad we've booked Bob Maclaren as our new headliner.

Born in New Zealand and resident in Amsterdam, Bob Maclaren has delighted every corner of the world with his laconic and surprising comedy. A combination of kiwi isolation and the lurid madness of Amsterdam gives Bob a refreshingly unusual view of life as he sees it. A storyteller extraordinaire with a body language that can be best described as mildly unhinged; his routines have been televised on every continent.

A superbly visual performer with razor sharp observations, Bob’s stand up helped him escape his home town southernmost city in the world to grace the stages of Montreal, London and of course, the Effenaar this Friday!

Serine Ayari

It's ridiculous how women are still a rare kind in the comedy circuit in these regions, especially women with Arabic roots. Which is a damn shame, especially when you hear the eloquent Serine from Brussels switch between Ramadan anecdotes and dick jokes in one set. Who would dare? Serine does, without a care in the world. She was one of the discoveries during 'Level Up', opened for world famous American comedian Andrew Schulz in Amsterdam and was one of the 'New Talents of Gotham Comedy Club' in New York City. And she will be blessing us with her presence during Bell's Comedy Club.

Sid Singh

This young American is a human-rights lawyer by day and a comedian by night. A modern day super hero if you will. He has played all over the States and scored himself some great reviews during Edinburgh Fringe Festival with his show American Refugee.

Sergej Lopouchanski

This Russian-born Belgian is as scary as he is cuddly. Probably exactly what you could imagine from this delicious combination of cultures. As an actor he has played several different stereotypical Eastern European mafia types. But as a comedian he has built quite the reputation of being a very original and funny guy.

Serine Ayari - Gotham Comedy Club, New York