Opera Alaska

Opera Alaska

IKEA has been the cause of a lot of divorces, arguments over the color of the closet, fights during the assembly of the closet and arguments over arguing. For Opera Alaska, a chance encounter in this Swedish chain of stores was precisely the starting point of their commitment.

It was love at first sight. And that while Marien Dorleijn and Marzio Scholten are not such a logical couple at all. The first one is mainly known as the front man of Moss, the subtle indie rock band that alternately produces exuberant guitar pop and subdued synth songs. The second is an acclaimed jazz guitarist, although jazz is actually too narrow a definition for his oeuvre.

Opera Alaska brings together the best of both worlds. It has nothing to do with opera, with adventurous pop music all the more. Here, the slightly abrasive melodies, beautiful harmonic finds and wonderfully spinning guitar motifs fall nicely into place. Long live the IKEA.

Located in the record case next to: Moss, Grizzly Bear, Real Estate

Quote: "Occasional duo Opera Alaska: not a second predictable and often enchantingly beautiful" - de Volkskrant

Opera Alaska - Hear Me Out (Live @ Sunday Sounds)