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Main €18,50 | 2 courses €25 | 3 courses €29 | 4 courses €36,50

Some dishes cost an additional €3. These are marked with +3.


Tomato pumpkin soup, leek, carrot, parsley, harissa cream [vegan]

Jerusalem artichoke soup, celeriac, parsnip, truffle oil, pumpkin seed, spring onion [vegan]



Cauliflower, Pierre Robert, rhubarb, lamb's lettuce, almond [vegetarian] +3

Hamachi fillet, beetroot, Greek yogurt, grapefruit, radish, lime vinaigrette +3

Smoked duck, sauerkraut, rilette, brioche, carrot, apple, pistachio +3



Salsify, herb risotto, Savoy cabbage, radish, candied shallot, hazelnut, truffle oil, puffed buckwheat [vegan]

Strudel, goat cheese, spinach, oyster mushroom, sweet potato, filo pastry, almond, rhubarb-apple compote [vegetarian]

Sea bass fillet, mussels, lemon-white wine sauce, carrot, fennel, parsnip mash

Roasted leg of lamb, tomato, pepper, zucchini, sweet potato, risotto, thyme sauce

Corn chicken supreme, fried chorizo, pepper sauce, carrot, tomato, roseval potato

Beef flank steak, Gorgonzola sauce, turnip, mushrooms, zucchini, parsnip mash



Chocolate; mousse with cardamom, chocolate cake with red fruit, caramel ice cream and sea salt

Orange; Crème brûlée, Madeleine, blood orange sorbet

Cheese; Bella Vitano espresso, truffle Taleggio, Gorgonzola, nut bread, balsamic syrup

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Allergies and diets

Are there certain ingredients you cannot or should not eat? Our chefs can adapt most dishes to your requirements so that you can still eat them!



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