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Our menu consists of 3 starters, 2 soups, 6 main dishes and 3 desserts. You can combine all dishes. 

Main + soup or dessert  €23

Soup + main + dessert €27

Starter + main course €26,50

Starter + main course + dessert €30,50

Starter + soup + main + dessert €34,50

Appetizer €8

Homemade spreads with bread [v]

Manchego sheeps cheese [v], Balsamic syrup, pistaccio, coffee 

Battered squid rings, tzatziki

Baked Chorizo, bell pepper, aioli

Lamb burgers, cumin, warm yoghurt, Swiss chard

Soup €7,50

Cold tomato soup [vegan] watermelon and basiloil

Fishsoup, fennel, tomato, garlicspread


Starter €10

Goatscheese [v], wild peach, honeysauce, bbq lettuce, zuchinni, broad bean

Ceviche from Dorado fish, tigermarinate, avocadodspread, raddish, quinoa, bean, salmon egg, lime

Roasted veal, tunamayonaise, capres, roasted bellpepper, green asparargus, sunflower seed


Main €18

Green asparargus [vegan], puffed garliccream, taggian olive, cornbread, oyster mushroom, rhubarbjelly, almond

Spanish Tortilla [v], Mahon cheese, sweet potato, eggplant, white cabbage, deep fried capre, dates, sunflower seed

Monkfish, octopus, paella rice, mashed fava bean, tomato, bell pepper, lemonoil

Grainfed beef bavette, mashed endive and potato, mushroom, green bell pepper, pistaccio pesto


Dessert €7,50/€9,50

Marinated strawberries, dulce de leche mousse, yoghurt ice-cream

Passion fruit tiramisu, gingerbread, roasted coconut, mango sorbet

Cheeses, Mahon spanish cowmilk, Gorgonzola, Manchego sheeps cheese, bread, Balsamic syrup

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Allergies and diets

Are there certain ingredients you cannot or should not eat? Our chefs can adapt most dishes to your requirements so that you can still eat them!



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