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Effenaar Lab (English)

In addition to a vibrant music venue, Effenaar offers space for innovation and high-tech experiments with Effenaar Lab. The rapid rise of various technologies – including 5G, AR, VR, wearables, live streaming – has a major impact on the music industry, especially in the field of music experience. Together with artists, companies, schools and other educational institutions, Effenaar Lab is discovering the future of music. 

Future of music

With the emergence of new technologies, the music industry must learn to exist in a hybrid reality, where physical and digital experiences complement and reinforce each other. A reality that offers as many opportunities as challenges. Thanks to new technologies, artists have more opportunities than ever to express themselves, and fans can be at the forefront anytime, anywhere. But the music industry is not yet equipped for the use of new technologies, with rapid developments and high costs being an obstacle.    

It is important that the music industry learns to understand and apply new technologies, especially the creators themselves. That is why Effenaar Lab has set the following goals: 

  • Providing access to new technologies  
  • Increasing knowledge and skills about these technologies 
  • Stimulating the use and development of creative applications  
  • Providing a stage for artists (or work) that uses new technology 

Creation of Effenaar Lab

Early on, Effenaar identified the impact that the emergence of new technologies has on the music sector. In 2018, this led to the establishment of the separate Effenaar affiliated foundation Effenaar Smart Venue, the current Effenaar Lab. Since then, Effenaar Lab has been the place to learn about the use of new technology and to experiment with it. The lab has already collaborated with a large number of artists, tech companies and educational institutions from the region and beyond.   

With the realization of various (research) programs, including Fieldlab Social Cohesion, Chronosphere and Poplab, and resulting projects, services and products – including The Sessions – Effenaar Lab has grown into a unique place in the Netherlands. 


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