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Discover the possibilities of performance technology during Chagall's workshop 'LoveLace' at Effenaar

In 2023-2024, Chagall and Effenaar Lab will organize workshops, specifically for women and gender non-conforming artists, to gain experience with new music and live performance technology. The first edition of the new workshop series 'LoveLace' starts on 9 October 2023.

LoveLace is a new lab by singer and performance pioneer Chagall where participants will have the opportunity to experiment with advanced tools and techniques, allowing them to explore their creativity and artistic vision in the field of music and technology. The mission of LoveLace is to create a safe space where these artists can learn from and with each other and feel empowered to expand their live shows with the latest technology. 

Learn how to create reactive visuals

The first edition of the LoveLace workshop will take place from 9-11 October 2023. During these days, the focus is on creating reactive visuals. Reactive visuals are visual elements that respond to music (sounds, vocals, live instruments), movement, or even both. With this kind of technology, you can ensure that projected images during your live show or that you use on social media channels are completely in sync with the music. You design the visuals yourself, and it will therefore be a reflection of your creativity and vision, just like your music.   

During the workshop you will take a deep dive into various essential software and hardware tools, so that you learn to work with them yourself and can continue to develop your personal expression with the help of technology after the workshop. The entire program can be found at the bottom of the page. 

For who is this workshop?

LoveLace offers these workshops for female and gender non-conforming musicians and live performers, who want to enrich their shows with innovative visual elements, such as projection and lighting. Are you a beginner in the technical field? No problem, as long as you have a strong idea about your musical identity and can bring more than one song to work with. It is also important that you have your own images, video material or a logo ready. Before the start of the workshop, all participants will receive a list of materials that they must prepare and take with them. 

How to apply

Would you like to participate? Send your application before the 15th of September: apply through this link.
Please include the following in your application: 

Max. 1 page PDF in which you introduce yourself and add your motivation to participate. We would like to see an anwser to the following questions:  

  1. 1. What are you excited by?  
  2. What are you hoping to learn?  
  3. What DAW do you work in? 
  • 1-3 links to music/performances you released or are working on 

  • link to your website or instagram 


Eight participants will be selected from all applications. You will be informed about the selection in the first week of September. Participants are selected based on their artistic vision and ambition. Previous experience with technology will help, but certainly not a must. These workshops are to inspire and motivate you to dive into this stuff. 

If you’re not selected this time, don’t worry! The next LoveLace workshops will take place 5-7th of February and 17-19th of June 2024. 


The three-day workshop costs €600,- euro (including lunch and drinks). Dutch artists can receive €200 euro towards the ticket via Werktuig PPO.  


Day 1 
Inspiration: Chagall presents her B.A.B.Y. system  
Discuss: the role of visuals in live music 
Learn: intro to Touch Designer  
Learn: connecting sound to visual (OSC/MIDI)  
GOAL: data about your music is arriving in TD and controlling a visual element 

Day 2 
Inspiration: exciting Touch Designer projects 
Discuss: develop idea about visuals for your own music  
Learn: diving deeper into TD  
GOAL: participants have made a start with a creative idea 

Day 3 
Inspiration: guest presentation about other technologies for live music
Learn: continue creating your own audiovisual idea  
GOAL: documenting your project / prototype performance that you can continue with at home 

LoveLace will be The Netherland’s first production house for female lead live projects that use technological innovation for creative expression. LoveLace’s ambition is to support about four productions per year, starting from 2024/2025. LoveLace is supported by Kunstloc Brabant. 


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