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Party in Nomansland
15 okt 2022
za 15 okt 2022
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Party in Nomansland

This is LOVSKI x Effenaar + Discos Horizontes + DJ Robert Soko + VERSANO + DJ Gusztav
19:00 Zaal open om 19:00
Kleine Zaal
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The Place You Wanna Stay Forever! After the successful first edition on September 16th, we are happy to announce that This is LOVSKI is bringing the second edition of Party in Nomansland to Effenaar! On this little piece of no man’s land, there is a party, we forget about time for a while. It’s a place where it doesn’t matter where you are from, how you look or what you stand for.

Afro, Electronic, Balkan, Techy beats and insane summer vibes coming your way!



19:00 – 22:00  Delicious food in foyer from Kolektivo: Ivo (Bosnia) is all about mixing and connecting people together through food and music, and this edition he presents two varieties of the Bosnian Pita.

19.00 - 21.00  Discos Horizontes (global sounds)

21:00 Doors main area open 

21:00 – 22:00  VERSANO (Afro)

22:00 – 23:00  Dj Robert Soko (Balkan Beats Berlin)

23:00 – 24:00  This Is Lovski live

24:00 – 01.00  Dj Gusztav (Arab, Afro, Europe)

With special guest DJ Robert Soko: the Godfather of Balkan Beats!

DJ Robert Soko has been throwing parties in Berlin since 1993. To characterise his mix of music from the Balkans properly, he coined the term BalkanBeats – the defining label for the genre ever since. BalkanBeats are gypsy brass and folk melodies reinterpreted, given electronic beats and blended with Western styles such as ska and rock. The phenomenon has caught on in other cities around the world – of course where Balkan immigrants live, but also everywhere that young, urban, adventurous party crowds are searching for their lustful, nostalgic kicks on the dance floor, too.

Robert Soko grew up in Zenica, central Bosnia, listening to western music: rock‘n’roll, punk and ska. In 1990, he left the exploding region for Berlin. He took a job as a taxi driver, and started hanging out at the old Arcanoa, a legendary former punk bar in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district, frequented by the notorious clientele of the neighbourhood but especially by fellow ex-pats. The Arcanoa became their new home! Soko put on his first parties there, playing the rock and pop soundtrack of his Yugo youth for 50 German marks for evening and beer for free. He celebrated the socialist holidays: Tito’s birthday, Day of Women, International Worker’s Day. The parties were dazzling with nostalgia and irony alike – an apt sign of the strong feelings the people of the exploding Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia had about the tragedy occurring in the region.

TIP: see the documentary Here We Move Here We Groove!

DJ Robert Soko
DJ Robert Soko
The somewhat jumpy, but sympathetic documentary Here We Move Here We Groove (screened at Idfa) follows the Berlin DJ in his self-imposed mission to popularize new music movements through new generations of migrants from all over the world.
Bor Beekman in de Volkskrant

Special guest VERSANO

Brian Kwizera, also known as Versano , is an all-round internationaly known deejay from The Hague.  With hundreds of bookings in recent years, Versano is doing very well at the moment, you may know him from parties like Dopenez, Lovesensez and Vunzige Deuntjes, and also festivals like the Liberation Festival, Connected Festival and Oh Oh Intro Festival.
From living room parties to festivals.. ‘Overwhelming experience' he calls it. With a little more than 10 years of “deejay” experience, he has been working from a very young age and can play pretty much all genres. His styles vary from Urban, House, Latin, Moombahton, Kuduro (Bubbling) Hip-hop, R&B, Reggaeton to EDM. Versano started his own productions a few years before he started “deejaying”, and that has paid off. With over 20000 followers on Soundcloud and over the 4 million total plays in recent years he has put his stamp in the producing scene at an early stage. Many big names like Hardwell,Chuckie, Sidney Samson, GTA, Diplo and many more are playing his songs. In 2019 Mad Decent (Good Enuff) released his well-received EP Life Is A Riddem. He is also featured among big names like Major Lazer & MHD on the Mad Decent Remixes EP and has releases on big labels like Mad Decent, Top Notch & Artside.

Versano | Effenaar

Discos Horizontes

Discos Horizontes is bij veel mensen bekend als het DJ team wat al jaren het Idyllische Veldje op Down the Rabithole opzweept. Tijdens Party in Nomansland beloven ze ons een mooie mix van psychedelische cumbia.

Discos Horizontes Effenaar
Discos Horizontes

Special guest DJ Gusztav

After hitting all the big European Festivals like Lowlands Festival, Sziget Festival Nederland and many more, he is ready for Party In Nomansland. Simply describing his style as 'World Wide Bangers,' DJ Gusztav is bringing you a mix of worldwide traditional music with electronic sound.


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