Voorlopig laatste tour Therion

Ja, helaas lees je het goed. Therion zal vanaf deze tour nog maar zeer sporadisch shows geven en dan alleen op festivals. Tijdens de tour van dit jaar is het laatste Therion album exclusief te koop. Na 25 jaar werd het tijd om het roer om te gooien. In het statement van de band (hieronder), lees je wat en waarom. Het goede nieuws is uiteraard dat je de mannen nog een keer goed kunt zien vlammen in de Effenaar, en wel op vrijdag 28 september.

"After 25 years, the Band Therion has decided to start a different journey. Therion main man and founder Christofer Johnson has announced that there will be no more regular album releases and no more regular tours for many years. The band will perform at Festivals from time to time, but apart from that they will focus on different band projects.

The first project is an art project celebrating the 25th anniversary of the band. The project involves a self released CD that will be entitled "Les Fleurs Du Mal", which will be sold at the band's concerts during the Flowers of Evil tour in Europe. The record will later be licensed and distributed to record stores. At this point, nobody knows how the album sounds, as they are not sending out any promotional copies to the press until the first concert. 

At each show of the Flowers of Evil tour, Christofer Johnsson has also announced that he will be spending several hours meeting with the fans, dedicating CD's, making photos, and just hanging out to talk with people.

After this project has ended, the band has said they will be working on a rock opera, a huge project that will take several years to realise."