DDW Music Festival tip: Bart Wijers

DDW Music Festival 2019 is coming up! To help you find your way around the program we ask scenesters for their DDW Music tips. Bart Wijers, Dynamo, chose Far Caspian, Just Mustard and Gaygirl.

"At Dynamo, we are of course known for our raw edge and heavy music, but we also play the latest hipster tracks at our office. Time to check out the DDW Music line-up and see what's in store for us this year. From ripping guitars to staring at your shoes."

Far Caspian
Friday 25 October, Altstadt
"If you like nice guitar melodies with dreamy vocals, then Far Caspian is your cup of tea. I'm a huge fan of the indie/emo band Turnover, American dreampop from Austin, and it's not just the beard growth that reminds me of this band."

Just Mustard
Tuesday 22 October, Altstadt
"Staring at your shoes in the Stroomhuisje on October 22nd, because that's where you'll find Just Mustard, a shoegaze band from Ireland. With my old school emo heart I can really appreciate this, good riffs, melancholic vocals and good songs.

Monday 20 October, Stroomhuisje
"Of course, ripping guitars can't stay behind in my list, this in the form of Gaygirl. 
90's grunge at its very best!"

Curious about the rest of the program?
The full line-up for DDW Music Festival 2019 can be found here.

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