Why the ticket scheme?
With ‘Save your ticket, enjoy later’, the cultural and sporting industry hopes that ticket holders will attend their favourite venue or event at a later date.
More information about 'Save your ticket, enjoy later' can be found at

This helps to absorb the economic impact of measures related to the corona virus in the cultural sector. This means that efforts can continue for events in the future. This not only helps the organizers, artists and venues, but also all the people behind the scenes who make the events possible, such as set builders, technicians, suppliers, creatives and other employees, and self-employed people in the cultural and sporting sector.

How does the ticket scheme work?
If an event, for example a performance, competition, or concert, has been canceled, you will receive your money back - including service and / or reservation costs - in the form of a voucher, a digital credit. The exact implementation differs per organization. If the event is rescheduled, the tickets will remain valid. If you cannot go on the replacement date, you can request a voucher.

When can I claim my voucher?
When you have purchased a ticket through our ticket partner Ticketmaster, you will receive an email from Ticketmaster as soon as possible with further explanation about this arrangement. Afterwards, you can claim your voucher via that mail.

For how long is my voucher valid?
Tickets for events to be rescheduled due to the corona virus remain valid for the rescheduled event, provided that the rescheduled date lies within 13 months of the original event. If you have failed to use your voucher and the term has expired, you will get your money back.

Can I also get an immediate monetary refund?
As a consumer, you have the right to ask for your money back. But this ticket scheme was set up for a good reason: it has a major impact if everyone asks for their money back. That is why the government supports this scheme.

When the money is refunded depends on whether the event is cancelled or relocated. 

  • If the event has been moved, and you do not opt for a voucher, your money will be refunded no later than one month after the new date.
  • If the event is cancelled, the refund period is up to three months from the date the event was scheduled to take place.

Can I make a donation?
Yes, please! Our ticket partner Ticketmaster has added in this same mail a donation form where you can donate your ticket. These proceeds will come into a fund with which we will set up new and special projects together with artists.

Currently, our ticket partner Ticketmaster is working hard on the technical side of this arrangement, both for the voucher arrangement, the donation and the way to ask for your money back. You will receive an e-mail from Ticketmaster as soon as possible with more information. In the meantime, we kindly ask you not to contact us by phone, social media or e-mail for more information.