Hockey Dad

Hockey Dad

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Hockey Dad, from the small Australian coastal town of Wollongong, brings a mix of surf rock, ocean vibes and sixties to the surface in their light-hearted songs. Singer and guitarist Zach Stephenson and drummer Billy Fleming blast their great charms and energy as the best to their audience. The typical surf rock sound is preserved in their hits, which they say are catchy as f*&k.

For lovers of: together PANGEA, DMAs, Twin Peaks

Played: Pukkelpop, The Great Escape, Rascalfest

Quote: "Blend Inn is a strong second effort from a young band in the process of expanding and defining their sound, and it's further confirmation that the future of rock is still looking bright. - Glide Magazine about second album 'Blend Inn'.

Hockey Dad - I Missed Out (Official Video)
Hockey Dad - I Wanna Be Everybody (Official Video)