Maschine 11

Maschine 11

We're back with our 11th edition, which also is our 3 year anniversary! 

Line up:
Inverted Reality
This duo is a rising star in the techno scene. They're best known for their dark techno sets at Vault Sessions and Reaktor. Not much is known about them, except that they're dropping massive releases and their sets take you to another reality!

Sander Chan & Nadika
No MASCHINE without Sander Chan. The MASCHINE co-founder brings his signature dark and melodic sound. But who's that mysterious artist he's teaming up with? ????

P=MV (Live) (Tachini vs Sceptical C)
P=MV (pronounced as Momentum) is the alliance between techno veterans Tachini and Sceptical C. These guys have had numerous releases under their own names, but decided to join forces. They absolutely killed Kings Day last year and they've created a new banging live act especially for MASCHINE 11.

MASCHINE 6 aftermovie at Effenaar Eindhoven