Club Countdown NYE 2020

Club Countdown NYE 2020


What could be better about a New Years party than the euphoria of 12 o'clock? Countdown with your friends and family, champagne, fireworks and celebrate the new year! That's thé moment of every New Year and that's what we're going to do this year with all of us together.

With the motto: "it's always New Years somewhere" we will celebrate the new year in the Effenaar not once, no, we will count down, toast, scream and peak several times at "12 o'clock"! 

All you have to do is count down and celebrate with us, we'll arrange the champagne, the fireworks, the tightrope walkers, the stunt team and the Chinese dancing dragon to make a real party of it!

Main hall: Superstijl
You control the music! And you can do that by simply voting for your favorite hits or style of music. Every 15 minutes a fresh round starts with new styles. A large counter keeps track of which style has the most votes and how long it will take before it starts. From old-fashioned happy hardcore to Nederhop, from good sing-alongs to disco bangers and from the coolest festival hits to solid rock classics. Superstyle's got you covered. You vote for it, they play it!

Small hall: KaraJØke
Who doesn't love Karaoke? Eindhovens own JØ a.k.a Jess Oberlin hosts in our small hall the great KaraJØke show. After a first full, hilarious and confetti explosion off an edition during Dutch Design Week, she moves the party to the Effenaar with all her glitter and glamour. Who has the golden voice?!