Follow the White Rabbit

Follow the White Rabbit

Get ready for another exciting adventure!

Join Follow The White Rabbit on their journey across unrevealed colorful soundscapes. Let them take you to the underground and the bright, take a sharp cut and an elegant curve. Get inspired, keep exploring and let’s see where the hole leads us.

Line up Main Hall

- Annie Hall
- Cadans
- Kom-Plot
- Martin Krivano
- Ziggy Williams
- Skylar Mills

We are thrilled to announce a new cozy area in Effenaar in which Live electronic music and local artists are going to be the protagonists of this night.

Line up "MOKE ROOM"

- Max Frimout (Live)
- Submos (Live) 
- Tataa b2b Nas 
- Andreas Hendrix b2b Jules.vbk (Live)

Truncate - Boiler Room