The government has taken a number of measures to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus as much as possible. One of these measures is a ban on events, festivals and concerts throughout the Netherlands until 31 May 2020. Following this decision, Effenaar will be closed until 1 June. 

This show has been moved to September 22nd. Tickets for the original date remain valid. Are you unavailable on the new date? More information about the possibility to get your money back from your already bought ticket for this postponed concert will follow later. We are working on several options. These are exceptional times for everyone. We are trying to deal with this crisis in the best possible way, so that we will all be able to enjoy live music as we are used to. 

We hope for your understanding and ask you to give us some time to get things right. For the current status of returning tickets we would like to refer you to We will update this page as soon as more is known.

The seven-piece band 'Oi Va Voi' is difficult to pigeonhole. With Jewish and Eastern European roots, musical (folk) culture shines through in the dynamic Western pop melodies. Because of this subtle mix, Oi Va Voi always manages to remain internationally accessible and over the years she has become a much-loved act worldwide. Deeply rooted in the Jewish folk music traditions of Eastern Europe on the one hand and in the vibrant English dance scene on the other. London-based Oi Va Voi has mixed her musical legacy with the sounds of modern London and creates quirky songs that move and inspire.

Oi Va Voi - Refugee - Live VPRO TV Netherlands