Popronde 2019

Popronde 2019

Popronde Eindhoven, the itinerant music festival, is set in the entire city centre of Eindhoven. On behalf of the Effenaar, the following acts play their show in the RGB Café. 

Line up


Exploring contradiction, Fjaler uses elements from ambient, classical and electronic music. Based on synthesizers, effectpedals and samples this project is inspired by sound. The performances are build on sequences and improvisation so that every concert becomes a unique trip through lush soundscapes, minimalistic melodies and powerful electronics.

The Ressurection

The Resurrection makes body music for when it's too hot to move. The band is inspired by early techno, rave and industrial and combines synths and electronic drums with live instruments. Their tracks move from unusually hard and physical to dark and burned out - the soundtrack to the most devouring summer you can imagine.

Dr justice & the smooth operators

Dr Justice is a man of the world. He and four talents together form The Smooth Operators. This all-star dream team consists of three funky boys and four sexy chicks who are on a uber mission together with Dr Justice: they bring the sexy electro discopop of today to the instagram generation, so you!

Fjaler - Sent (Livesession)
Eden Olympia – Live at Welcome to the Village
Dr Justice & The Smooth Operators - Love So Bad [Official Video]