Kenny B


Kenny B

Kenny B was already a household name in Suriname with over ten number 1 hits. He has been singing since he was eight years old, in English, Aucan, Sranantongo and now also in Dutch. However, his Dutch music took a long time to arrive; when he was 28, Kenny came to the Netherlands. At that time he performed regularly abroad and especially in Surinam. "I first wanted to put myself in the spotlight in English and Surinamese", says Kenny B. "The switch to Dutch has always played in my head, but I kept that off for a long time. Isn't it better to get away with certain words and expressions in English?

Top Notch label boss Kees de Koning could not avoid Kenny during his holiday in Suriname. "You heard almost nothing else in Paramaribo. His hits came from every car and bar. I became intrigued and went to the famous record shop Disco Amigo and bought his CDs. When I was back in the Netherlands I immediately met with Kenny. The rest is history. After his first Dutch single 'If you go', he released the hit 'Paris', which has been streamed more than 31 million times and watched almost 34 million times on YouTube. With 'Paris' Kenny B was the first Dutch artist to score 1 million Spotify streams in a week. This hit unleashed a series of covers and several collaborations with different singer-songwriters.

This was followed by a successful tour throughout the Netherlands, from clubs to television programmes to various festivals such as Zwarte Cross, Noorderslag, Dutch Valley and the annual Liberation Festival. You couldn't ignore him.

The Album "Hoe Dan Ook" was released in the spring of 2019. It includes the singles 'Sranan Mi No Gwe' and 'Oh Yes', his third single 'Ik Ben Hier' with Perle Lama and his fourth single 'Als ik je zien'.

Kenny B - Parijs
Kenny B - Ik Ben Hier ft. Perle Lama
Kenny B - Als Ik Je Zie