Het Grote Studentenfeest

Het Grote Studentenfeest

Cancelled - Statement of the organization:

Due to the disappointing ticket sales we had to decide to cancel the Big Student Festival that will take place on April 4th in Effenaar. The past few months a lot of time and energy has been put into creating a student community, involving colleges, study programmes and student associations to ensure that it 'lives' with the students in Eindhoven. We have to conclude that there is too little movement in these platforms at the moment. Hence our decision!
People who have bought a ticket, get their money back of course. Thanks for the trust and hope to see you next time!

Eindhoven the craziest, we would like to experience that! Thursday the 4th of April we are going to a transformed Effenaar. Expect the best sing-alongs, classics & party music, studentgames, beerpong, free wodka, a lot of crazy characters, free shit en if you aren’t a pussy, the next morning a massive hangover.

If you are a student of you feeling like a student and would like a sweet evening, you better be there of be square.

★ Pluk van de Partyflat
★ De Rubberen Schuimboten
★ DJ Ome DUO
★ Beerpong
★ Wodkaap (Monkey with free wodka)
★ Other stylish characters & inflatables animals

★ Free wodka and bananas from Wodkaap, his phone number is 0647144283! Send him a tekst if you are in wodka trouble.
★ Free ride on the inflatable crocodile
★ Free toilet visit for activities, among which taking a pee
❤ Free twerking. If you are good at it, you can earn money with it