Vaudou Game

Ladyboyz + Discos Horizontes

Vaudou Game

For five years now Vaudou Game has been touring city and country with their compelling and hip-moving voodoo funk. From Japan to South Africa, from Sweden to Canada, people line up everywhere to see this tight an funky group live. And rightly so, with a charismatic frontman like Peter Solo and a very tight band behind him, every concert is guaranteed to end in a wonderful party full of dancing.

Vaudou Game is the musical creation of Peter Solo, born in Aného-Glidji (Togo), an important place in his voodoo culture. Inspired by the energetic afrofunk of the 70s, he also combined voodoo rhythms with funk and soul.

After his debut album Apiafo (2014), the sequel Kidayú (2016) and almost continuous touring, Vaudou Game took a breather at the end of 2017. The result is the latest album Otodi, released in October 2018. Not only that, but also the line-up has changed considerably. Besides Peter Solo, two other Togolese have joined the group as rhythm section and the group is now half Togolese and half French.

Of course Afrofunk and Afrobeat are still leading, but on the new album there is also room for highlife and Afrodisco.

The supporting programme is provided by the most tropical guys of Eindhoven, the Ladyboyz! They'll bring the most swinging, feel-good records from all over the world, one moment you're dancing in Brazil and the next moment you're in the heart of Africa to enjoy the best funk!

After the show Discos Horizontes will be playing a party for everyone. The collective was born in Horizonte Del Mar, Central Chile. Those Latin American roots are characteristic of the exotic, abrasive sound of the Horizontes crew. This sound not only covers obscure vinyl from South America, but also creaking recordings from Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. Psychedelic, tropical, polyrhythmic and funky is what you should think of when these men are playing!

Vaudou Game - Pas Contente - (official video)
Vaudou Game - Tata Fatiguée