Niko + Petersburg Orderer


Once in a while a band passes that proves that guitar music is all but dead, such a band is Yak. This London trio shoots pointy psychedilic rock 'n roll from the hip and pops through the stratosphere. Uncompromising noise-rock for fans of The Hives, Shame and The White Stripes.

Next year their new album 'Pursuit of Momentary Happiness' will be released. The creation of the album saw frontman Oli Burslem stand on the precipice between obsession and self-destruction. He sacrificed everything for his artistic vision, including his own financial security and mental health. Who invests every last penny into recording, to the point where they become homeless?

That commitment marks their dedication, they believe in what they do and are willing to give everything for it. 

“They’ve set a marker for every borderline-insane newcomer emerging in the next decade.” – DIY

 “Every so often a new band will arrive clamouring that guitar music isn’t dead, as if they’re mid-CPR. Yak have crash-landed clutching its still-beating heart, wearing an irrepressible grin.” – NME

 “Yak shoot from the hip with an impetuous first-timers' racket that's rarely short of breathtaking.” – Q

Yak 'No' - Live at Moth Club
Frigid Brigitte - Petersburg Orderer
Niko - Feel Tough
Yak - 'Harbour The Feeling' (Official Music Video)