RGB Kerstbal

Rood: All Girls met Elle Rich + Chocolat + Mir.I.Ami + Groen: Neon Glitter met DJ Peter K + Blauw: Rob'a'Billy & friends

RGB Kerstbal

Could it be Christmas every day!

'All I want for Christmas, is yoooooeeeehoehoeee, baby!'

There they are again, the ladies and gentlemen of the RGB Silent Disco come to the Effenaar and transform the room into Santa's house party. Christmas balls, garlands, fake snow, Wham!, Mariah Carey, Michael Bublé and Christmas trees galore!

You know the concept, of course, three channels full of bangers and this time they consist of:

Channel Red

All Girls: ELLE RICH + Chocolat Simmon + DJ Mir.I.Ami

Channel Green
Neon Glitter with DJ Peter K

Channel Blue
Rob'a'Billy & friends

Wham! - Last Christmas
Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas Is You
Chris Rea - Driving home for christmas