Modulab: Flower Power

Forma Hydra + Paul Tas - Error instruments + Geluidsdrug

Modulab: Flower Power

A concert night with spectacular electronic live music performances. On Modulab events we present artists that will bring their modular synthesizer setups for a visual and aural experience. Some will even start from scratch to see where they will end. Each with a total different character to emphasise the versatility and complexity of the modular sound engines. Each concert night has a theme and brings you three live concerts, sometimes combined with other art forms. Modulab originated at Eindhoven Psych Lab en is presented in collaboration with the Effenaar and Stroomhuis

Forma Hydra
From tekkno to ambient and back curving along the way to find new sights and sounds. Hailing from the deepest underground circuit he likes to build from scratch discovering new ways to enrich his sound along the way.

Paul Tas - Error instruments
Busy bee artist who not only does intensive modular live shows, but also produces modules for Eurorack modular synthesizers under his company name

Our friends from Eindhoven have regular composing and jam sessions, where they prepared a special concert for tonight, which be presented by a collective of their artists.

Forma Hydra recording session preparation
Error Instruments Noise Jam (Eurorack Modular Synth + OP-1 lol) #TTNM
Geluidsdrug featuring Paul Anderson, Thomas Klikohouse & Sue She @ Stage