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Abba Gold - The Christmas Special Show

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Abba Gold - The Christmas Special Show

'Still the best Abba Live Tribute today!'

'With members from the original Mamma Mia cast in London'

A very special Christmas show by THE Abba tribute band. All big hits, too many to count, will be played; ‘Waterloo’, ‘Fernando’, ‘Dancing Queen’, ‘Chiquitita’ and ‘I Have A Dream’ – a list that seems to be endless. This formation, formed in 1990, grew to be one of the most popular tribute bands of Europe. The shows that Abba Gold give have made many European fans dance, sing along and jump around. Experts will have to admit that even the real Abba didn’t do a better job.

Abba Gold Europe, "Mama Mia" live in The Coliseu, Azores, Portugal, April 18th 2009