The Next Step XL


all age dance competition/battles

The Next Step XL

Beleef de hedendaagse street culture en urban dance scene in spectaculaire dance battles

The Next Step is an all styles urban dance battle providing a platform for all dancers from different styles, skill levels and ages. We unite all street culture dance styles whether attached to a dance school or self taught from the street. The goal is to provide a platform for young dancers empowering them to share and sponge knowledge, love and dedication to dance in a fun, respectful and supportive environment.

We have all kind of ages in one room, so there are three categories: 1 versus 1 allstyle battle under 16, 1 versus 1 allstyle battle above 16, 2 versus 2 allstyle battle under 16, 2 versus 2 allstyle battle above 16 & freestyle crew battles.

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