Eindhoven Psych Lab Presents: Föllakzoid + 4

+ TRAAMS + RMFTM + The Lucid Dream + Altin Gün + Modulab + Eindhoven Psych Lab VJ team + DJ Agua Rosa (Discos Horizontes)

Eindhoven Psych Lab Presents: Föllakzoid + 4

Check out the Timetable HERE.

Tonight feels like a proper one day Eindhoven Psych Lab festival. We’re stoked to bring you some of the leading bands in the scene, the best visuals we could find and the almighty Modulab to tie this night together. Join us in this crazy ride where all musical boundaries and sounds will melt together as one.

Föllakzoid, if you don’t know these guys from Chile, you don’t know modern psych. The 2016 headliners rock their krauty grooves so hypnotic it hurts. Sacred Bones released their third album ‘III’ in 2015 and since then they have been on a road to space victory. There’s always a reason to do a Eindhoven Psych Lab Presents when they come around. New tracks are coming very soons well.

"We had to start a band. It was all we had”, the men from TRAAMS declared some time ago. And it's a simple fact like that, what makes a band work. And TRAAMS certainly 'works'. Their band got them out of the sleepy clubs from  their sleepy hometown, taking them on numerous foreign adventures. But their mix of neo-punk, kraut- and post rock also more than pleases the people watching them on stage. Check out their latest LP 'Modern Dancing', you'll start moving your body in new ways.

The Lucid Dream
2015, these lucid guys entered the stage at Eindhoven Psych Lab somewhat anonymus. What happened next was an awakening. Their show was one of the best of the festival, even called the best of the weekend by many or at least the biggest surprise. We’re glad they’re coming back to psych us over again, and again, and again. Let the reverb wash over you and take you beyond.

Bordering  between an instrumental psychedelic rock band and a Dadaïst collective, Eindhoven Psych Lab co-hosts Radar Men From The Moon (RMFTM) have become a cult  favourite for  fans seeking a hard and abstract alternative to the  folky flower children of the psych scene. Live shows are sometimes so abstract and electronic, that they morph into dark techno parties.

Altın Gün
Altın Gün offer an exciting mix of Turkish folk, psychedelia, funk and rock. After performing in Istanbul with Jacco Gardner, bassist Jasper Verhulst became fascinated by the Turkish sound of the 70s. At that time, artists like Selda, Barış Manço and Erkin Koray combined traditional music with western rock influences. Altın Gün play songs from the aforementioned artists from the 70’s and their lesser-known contemporaries and also make their own arrangements of Turkish traditionals.

Modulab is a collective of artists working with modular synthesizers. On stage they present extended modular synthesizer setups for a visual and aural experience. Some will even start from scratch to see where they will end. Expect the unexpected! 

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Föllakzoid "Electric" (Official Music Video)
TRAAMS - A House On Fire (Official Audio)
The Lucid Dream - Bad Texan
Radar men from the Moon - "Surrealist Appearance" [Official video]