The Big Fat Music Quiz

DJ Y'Skid

The Big Fat Music Quiz

Tonight,  the Effenaar and Number 42 are joining forces for the second time to bring you the Big Fat Music Quiz. A spectacular night of quizzing with questions about music in all its forms, supported by audio clips, videos and of course live music! Since it’s Dutch Design Week, expect a full round of design and music questions.

You can expect questions on literally every style of music, as diverse as the programming of the Effenaar itself. A musical journey around the world, so to speak! From Abba to Stromae, from Moby to Mika and from Sisqo to Soundgarden.

The participation fee is  €10,- per person. If you want to play with your own team: make sure to get 5 tickets! If you don’t have a full team we will match you up with other participants to ensure full teams are formed. 

The entire quiz will be hosted in English, making this an evening that’s accessible to as many people as possible: that also means no Dutch pop music, but you can count on a bit of Euro pop! The winners are going home with some great music-themed prizes and - but this goes without saying - eternal fame and glory.