Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour


The Banff Mountain Film Festival is the world’s most famous outdoor film festival. Once a year, the “Outdoor Oscars” are awarded in Banff in Canada. Afterwards, a selection of the best films goes on a world tour.

The film program has a total length of 120 minutes. There will be a break of around 30 minutes in between. One event has a total duration of around 2.5 to 3 hours, including the supporting program with the host’s presentation and sweepstakes.

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DamNationThere’s nothing to be said against the usage of water power, the question is just how you do it. Hundred years ago it seemed reasonable to build dams on US rivers. They provided cheap electricity for a nation, whose economy lies broken, they kept water levels straight and reduced floods. But there’s a price for everything! Canyons had been flooded, villages replaced and eco-systems destroyed. Dams transformed the whole landscape – but many of them are down in the meantime, meaning they are useless concrete blocks now. Activists are denouncing, but nobody hears them, though a period of hundred years should long enough, to properly think about past policies.


(USA 2014 / 9 minutes)
14.cKai Lightner was six years old when he discoverd his passion for climbing. In recent years he has earned 7 National Championship titles, but right now he is more and more focused on outdoor climbing. His favourite spot is Red River Gorge (Kentucky) where he has also sent his first outdoor route in 2011. Kai and his mother have a deal: He can climb as much as he wants to as long as his school grades are not affected by the sport. His mother supports his outdoor activities, although it’s a completely new experience. Hiking, climbing or camping has never been one of her favourites, but for Kai she's willing to give it a go.


(UK 2014 /7 minutes)
Danny MacAskill: The RidgeFive years ago Trial Biker Danny MacAskill became famous overnight. So far his YouTube video has been watched by more than 35 million people. Back in 2009 he used to balance on fences and jumped from one urban obstacle to the next in Edinburgh. In the last couple of years he has brought even more tricks to perfection. With these new stills the Scot returns to his home country: the Isle of Skye. There he wants to ride his bike along the famous Cuillin ridge line: Mountainbiking in the Scottish Highlands.



(GRAND PRIZE / USA 2014 / 30 minutes)
The StonemastersYosemite Valley has been the home to American climbers for more than sixty years. In the seventies it was a place for outlaws and misfits. And due to some chemical substances, "climbing high" suddenly became a motto of ambiguous meaning. Needless to say, the Stonemasters (or rather "stoned masters"?) - among them Jim Bridwell, John Bachar, John Long, Lynn Hill, Mike Graham, Rick Cashner and Ron Kauk - weren 't particularly popular with the Park rangers. Nevertheless the Stonemasters opened up numerous new routes, discovered the appeal of free-soloing and spearheaded the effort for recognition of climbing as a serious sport.


Sculpted in Time: The Wise ManEddie Hunter is probably the oldest skier you will find in Banff National Park. He was born in 1923, the same year the first Canadian ski resort was established on Mt. Norquay and he has been true to the slopes of his home country ever since. Together with his daughter and his grandson he’s still having a good time on the mountain. It’s hard to tell who is prouder of whom: the grandpa of his grandson - or vice versa. If you spot Eddie Hunter on the slopes you won’t believe how old he is. “Some of my years have been black and some have been white. I’m 88 years old”, he simply says, “just like the piano.” Watch three episodes of 'Sculpted in Time' and see why nature rules in Banff National Park.

Vasu Sojitra - Out on a LimbWether it’s skiing the steepest terrain or the deepest powder, Vasu Sojitra keeps competing with everyone around him having just one leg. When he was a little child he was diagnosed with a serious blood infection in his right leg, it had to be amputated a short time later. Whilst most of us would quickly reach our limits in daily life, Vasu is not even barred from the sport he is so passionate about. He skis the wildest backcountry and muddles through to the summit with creativity and an iron will.



TouchJean-Baptiste Chandelier doesn’t like loosing touch to the ground, though he lifts off with pleasure every time. His favourite move with the paraglider is cruising through the air with the closest proximity to buildings, walls or even other paragliders.
Because all blessings come from above, we must excuse his habit to suddenly visit hotel pools in Greece or jumping on a moving bus in the french alps.




The tickets will be available at Bever Stores or online at