Essential Night: o.a. Sidney Samson

"We Reinvent the Night”

Sidney Samson + Blasterjax + Ralvero + Cassius Clay + Morello Twins + Your Host: Mitch Crown

We Reinvent the Night


On October 26th, Essential Night proudly presents the new show “We Reinvent the Night” at Effenaar Eindhoven.

Let us guide you down the path of elevation and energy! Open up your heart, your mind and soul! From now on you will explore the world from a whole new perspective. Feel united and celebrate life, recharge your mind and soul with the uplifting house music of the moment; enjoy an international line-up of top house music performers.

You will explore the strength that lies within, feel connected trough the devine atmosphere created by us all. Share the love with the people you won’t forget, and the people you just met!

Welcome to Essential Night.