Breek: Drum n Bass o.a. Optiv + Proxima

line-up: Optiv + Z-Nox + Proxima b2b Dystal + Jake Handz

Our collaboration with the popular dubstep party Saw is only just behind us, and we already raging forth unabated.

At the start of this New Year, it seems like a good moment to sincerely thank you for the fact that drum’nbass is still alive in Eindhoven, and how! Each edition has been packed with a good atmosphere and remarkable dance steps, which ensured us that the love for our genre is still there. So: Thank you! 

Anyway, about the upcoming edition of the 2ndof February: after a successful year with top artists, the bar is set high. We asked ourselves over and over; what would be a worthy continuation of Breek? After a long deliberation, we found the answer. Here it is:


Finally, the king of Neuro in Eindhoven! For many years he was part of Cause4Concern, now Optiv has started a successful solo career with releases on Playaz, Renegade Hardware and RAM Records. The legendary label Virus has brought Optiv to the absolute top. A must see for everyone who loves the harder side of drum’nbass.


This Belgian gentleman has already conquered his homeland with his smashing sets, and is no stranger in the Netherlands as well. With over 12 years of experience behind the decks, we can promise that you will regret it when missing his performance!

Jake Handz
This man unquestionably rings a bell. Breek’s newest addition and resident will, of course, also be there! It is clear that what he has to offer is undoubtedly awesome, so that means you won’t be able to keep your feet on the ground on his double drops and slick teases.

Dystal and Proxima
Resident Proxima will take care of the night’s intro, this time assisted with upcoming talent Dystal. Don’t miss what this couple has to offer!

Herewith we can complete the amazing night that awaits you. The 2ndof February will be an unforgettable edition as always, as you can expect from Eindhoven’s biggest drum’nbass crew! See you there!