Happy Mondays

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The Kings of Madchester are back! Expect an ecstatic evening in the original line up!

Happy Mondays in Eindhoven, who could ever dream of such a thing happening now or in the future? Exactly, nobody. But it is! The complete band including Shaun and Paul Ryder and Bez will rock the house factory style. Do you remember ‘Step On’, ‘Kinky Afro’ and ’24 hour Party People’? Those incredible hits will be played like they are brand new songs tonight. Tony Wilson (Factory Records/The Hacienda) would have been proud to see them play live in the lowlands.

Originating from Manchester the guys started as Happy Mondays in 1980. Musically, the band fused indie pop guitars with a rhythmic style that owed much to house music, funk, and northern soul. Much of their music was remixed by popular DJs, emphasizing the dance influences even further. In terms of style and dress, they crossed hippy fashion and ideals with 1970s glamour. But back to the music, it will be a giant exploding out of this world Happy Mondays party in the Effenaar. Madchester in Eindhoven!