Supernatural Funky Musique

Warm Funky and blending styles : Funk, Jazz, Latin, Broken beats, Hip Hop, Soul, Nu Jazz.

dj’s Twister + Ari Daily + Brownie

We all are related to the original, funky monkeys. In the near future, you can join us on a trip back, way back; back to the original sounds. Sounds that, back in the days, were known as freaky fresh ‘n funky.

In terms of agreement we cannot be silent to these original grooves and let that precious vinyl catch dust in stead of the robust motion and vibration that it more than deserves.

And besides, we all need to get back to the originals once in a while, to get fresh and stay fresh. Take a sip of the Supernatural, original ingredients and get freaky fresh! The cook, the DJ, the sphere and the VJ are restyled and revibed. They’re gonna stick various styles into the Supernatural blender for those unique, Funky-with-a-capital-F-vibes.

For all the funky monkeys out there: you’re invited to go back, way back. Not to lay back, but to get into the groove of the black Supernatural Originals reblended...

The Funky Drummer says: where is my baseman? As soon as the rhythm continues he realized the baseman practiced a lot since the last gathering … The kind of practice Playing a hell of a funky ‘liner‘, percussion is added and the trumpet blows.