Cybergothic Syndrome: Embolus (live)

Cybergothic dancenight

+ resident DJ-X-X-X- + guest DJ XLII

Live on stage: Embolus (NL, ritual/neo-folk/electro) - presenting their new album in two special sets: one "ritual/neo-folk" set and one "electro/dance" set.

Set 1 [ritual/neo-folk]: 23:00 - 23:30
directly followed by set 2 [electro/dance]: 23:30 - 00:00.

It's time for another edition of Cybergothic Syndrome - the Cybergothic dancenight which offers you a mixture of the latest new Cybergothic hits, tips and classics. Listen to and dance on music from different cybergothic styles like: gothic, electro, darkwave, industrial, 80's classics, medieval music and much more. All played for you by resident DJ -X-X-X- and guest DJ XLII who is known from his guest DJ-sets at TRIGANDA (RAI - Amsterdam).

At this edition there will be a special live set by the ritual/neo-folk/electro band from Eindhoven (and surroundings), Embolus.

They are going to present their brand new album for the first time live on stage during a live show which is a combination of two completely different sets. During the first set they will perform a ritual/neo-folk set with lot's of live instruments and some new bandmembers. During their second set they will be presenting their more dancefloor orientated ritual/electro songs, including their new clubhit 'The Leprechaun'. Be ready for another "Cybergothic Invasion"!