+ Wilsum

Well if you're looking for trouble, They're the girls to see, If you're lookin' for a satisfaction, satisfaction GUARANTEED!!!

Everyone likes AC/DC, everyone loves AC/DC live, nobody in their right mind could ever get sick of the good 'ol AC/DC classics. AC/DShe is here not only because they are the biggest AC/DC fans around, but also because they think everyone should have a regular opportunity to go out, have some beers, and hear the kick-ass genius of AC/DC songs live. These songs make up the soundtrack of our delinquent teenage days; so come out to see AC/DShe and re-live the best times of your life!

AC/DShe are an all-girl AC/DC tribute band doing Bon-era songs. These gals have been committed to staying true to the heart pounding rhythms and high energy presentation of early AC/DC. The FIRST of the female tribute band phenomenon, they have been performing since the summer of 1999, although the creation of the band goes back several years to 1997. Like AC/DC, AC/DShe knows it's a long way to the top if you wanna rock-n-roll, but they've been doing a kick ass job of delivering some high voltage rock to maximum capacity crowds nationwide (soon to be worldwide!). So, put on your best AC/DC tour shirt, grab a beer, and hop on the highway to hell with AC/DShe.

AC/Dshe is :Bonnie Scott, Agness Young, Mallory Young, Phyllis Rudd, Riff Williams