All-female steampunk metal sensation from Japan

The Japanese FATE GEAR is ready to conquer unknown territory, so they are coming to our small stage for their very first NL show! On an adventure, the all-female steampunk metal formation is led by founder Captain Mina, who has more than earned her stripes. In 2007, she founded DESTROSE, which opened the gates to other girlbands within the genre such as BABYMETAL and Lovebites. FATE GEAR is more than a band, it is a fashion statement, a story, and a world view. Expect an intense show full of musical violence. Expect an intense show full of heavy artillery: masterful shreds, solid drum and guitar solos, clean vocals, screams and grunts.

FATE GEAR's career took off when their track 'Megabullets' was featured in the Netflix Anime 'Kengan Ashura'. The concept album 'The Sky Prison' and the English-language version of the EP 'Scars in My Life' were released earlier in 2021, both of which have been critically acclaimed by fans and critics alike. In addition, the official music video for their hit song 'Sky Pirates' has been viewed more than 1 million times on YouTube.


A limited number of meet & greet tickets are available for this show. When purchasing a meet&greet ticket you will receive entrance to the concert, a signed poster of the show, a signed card with signatures of the band members, signed merchandise and a photo with the band!