La Grunge + Cords by Simone + Mayleaf + Bad Penny

La Grunge + Cords by Simone + Mayleaf + Bad Penny

Our fine festival Come As You Are is unfortunately still far away, but not to worry: also tonight four bands will take the stage that are more than inspired by three decades of guitar music. Originally they were scheduled to play in November 2021, but under the new banner of 'Come As You Are presents' LA Grunge - Ode to nineties rockchicks, CORDS by Simone, Mayleaf and Bad Penny are now coming to the Effenaar in February. Coincidentally, all four acts have a front woman in their midst! Powerrr. And between acts, it's dancing, shoegazing and pogoing with the gentlemen of Snaren 90.

LA GRUNGE - Ode to nineties rockchicks
The name says it all: in this project renowned musicians pay tribute to the front women of the nineties. The grunge and rock singers, to be exact. The band, with exclusively female musicians, not only plays the hits of the nineties but also more obscure work. From Skunk Anansie, Alanis Morisette, K's Choice to HOLE, Breeders, L7 and Babes in Toyland. Rock 'n roll female style!

CORDS by Simone
Cords is perhaps better known outside our borders, than in the Netherlands itself. John Peel was one of the first fans, they toured in America and Australia and Steve Albini produced their latest album 'Lunchbox'. Back in 2018, Simone featured on Come As You Are with her Drive By Wire and we thought we couldn't get any closer to the noise gold of The Cords. But lo and behold: we can scream along with gems like "Gasping" and "Eat Your heart Out! Never felt so good. And nice to know: the show on February 19 is an exclusive.

What a delicious sound this band has. The stacked layers of fuzz, the understated vocals, the Weezer-like solos. What more could a person with a big appetite for the 90s want?

A delicious portion of punky rock 'n roll, that's what the impulsive Amsterdam trio Bad Penny will bring us. Singer Sofie adds some shoegaze here and there and the alto party is complete. Never Mind the Hype previously wrote that 'the video/single Gray T-Shirt (2019) is, in terms of feel and looks, completely Colleen Green meets Supergrass' and we completely agree.