Uit de riolen van Eindhoven 2022

Met o.a. Speedmobile (ex- PPSR en Batmobile) en Superhero Status

Uit de riolen van Eindhoven 2022

Please note: This is the rescheduled show of March 28 and October 24, 2020 + February 26, September 3, 2021 and December 3, 2021. Tickets for the original dates remain valid and ticket buyers have been personally notified!

The "Uit de riolen van Eindhoven" evenings in the Effenaar at the end of the nineties offer place to the dirtiest rock n "roll and stoner bands from Eindhoven. And there are plenty of them. But as it turns out, even nowadays we can easily fill an evening with top acts from our own rock soil with a very cool release show.

Time schedule:
19:30 Deuren open
20.00 - 20.30 Lokotov Mocktail
20.50- 21.20 Death Star Discotheque
21.40 - 22.10 Superhero Status
22.40- 23.40 Speedmobile

Speedmobile (ex-PPSR and Batmobile) EP Release Show
If you cross the rhythm section of Peter Pan Speedrock with the singer of Batmobile, there is only one logical outcome: A worked-up rock 'n roll machine called Speedmobile. We are honored that the men come and play their songs in the Effenaar. The Eindhoven scoop and also the release show of their first EP. Accelerator pedal flat okay !!

Superhero Status
These guys have been making genuine hardcore in different bands since the nineties and they do it well. With Superhero Status they try to break free from the increasingly grim rock scene and go back to high energy punky hardcore of the early days, with a lick of melody and a healthy dose of positivism here and there. That's not to say it's not ON in the pit by the ways.

Death Star Discotheque
What sounds like a dance floor for bad Star Wars characters is actually a thriving rock band with a subtle nod to the past. To be more precise: to the eighties. Post-punk, shoegaze and dark indie come together in a gigantic ball of energy that is anything but dead.

Lokotov Mocktail
Soundgarden meets Them Crooked Vultures meets Jimi Hendrix. These boys grew up in the villages around Eindhoven and filled their free hours with games and music. Nothing wrong with that, because Lokotov Mocktail has become a successful trip through the 90s, 70s and 60s, but with the balls of 2020/21!

Speedmobile - Devil Of Rock & Roll
Superhero Status - Miles And Changes (Official Video)
Wasting Time
Lokotov Mocktail - FAD (OFFICIAL)